Posted by Christine Goss on Aug 30, 2017
For several years now, the Rotary Club of Ascot has funded water and sanitation projects in Timor Leste.
Most of these projects involve bringing water via poly pipes from mountain springs down to hamlets, villages and now schools, sometimes up to 15 kilometres away, to a series of tanks and tap stands accessible to the resident locals. The water and ablution blocks we've had installed have made a significant difference to the health and welfare of the local children who would otherwise be engaged in carrying water for their family and animals and now frees them to attend school.  In addition, where there was once a high incidence of diseases related to poor hygiene such as scabies and diarrhoea, the general health and appearance of villagers has been dramatically improved.  
While we've provided the funding, all materials are sourced locally and labour is done by the villagers who gladly take ownership of the project and ensure maintenance is done as necessary.
Several of our Rotarians have recently returned from a site visit and we've now been advised a sixth project has just been completed giving the isolated village of Mulara, Hatulia, fresh drinking water all 12 months of the year after raising the pipe above a river which floods during the wet season.