Now that October is finally finished Stephen and Joanna Kendall might find themselves with a little more time on their hands.  They did a fantastic job of getting our virtual version of Bricktober up and running. 
Due to Covid-19 restrictions the committee decided at the last minute that we would not be able to run the usual 2 day event early in October so we quickly had to come up with an alternative plan to enable the builders to build, and the public to be able to see what the builders built.  Stephen was able to pull an amazing plan together to allow us to reflect back on those first few years of Bricktober and then showcase the current year's builds.  The virtual version of Bricktober went live on 1st October and continued on through the whole of October showcasing various aspects of our usual show.  We were able to provide photos and video interviews of our Shoebox sized Make Your Own Creation winners; as well as our Future Exhibitors.  The major highlight of the show was to see what the exhibitors managed to put together and have photographed ready to be uploaded into the great big photo album in the sky.  All of this had to work, so Stephen and his colleagues worked really hard to ensure that it all did work, and then when a glitch happened, he and his band of people worked even harder to get it fixed so it would work again.
On behalf of our Rotary Club, Stephen, Joanna and all your helpers - a very big thank you indeed.  We know that people from all around the world have logged on and had a look at the displays and even purchased some of the merchandise.  The displays will be available for free viewing for a week or two so if you haven't seen any of the displays or want to have another look - just google and head to the website.  Feel free to make a donation while you are there so we can continue the great work that we have been doing in the past from funds raised at Bricktober.  Let's hope that next year we can go back to the weekend version of Bricktober.