Posted on May 17, 2019
Community Director Stephen made a presentation of Lego Play Tubs to two Schools

Belinda Jacklyn a member of the P&C from the Wembley Downs Primary School.  Belinda runs a Lego Club during the students lunch break.  Belinda said as the school is a really old school (coming up to 60 years) they don’t have much outdoor spaces so they will be able to use the Lego indoors.  Also as part of Ascot’s donation they received 10 small containers of Lego to be used in the classroom as a helpful tool for students that suffer from anxiety.  Belinda thanked the Club for the Lego.


Darren Greaves the Principal of Maida Value Primary School. 
Darren said he was extremely excited to receive Ascot’s Lego Play Tub donation as this will be an excellent entry point for the schools junior primary children (year 1 &2) into what he hopes will develop into a comprehensive STEM?  Robotics program at Maida Vale Primary School.