Rotary Club of Ascot President Hugh Langridge, Community Director Michelle Kendall presented Christmas Hampers and LEGO sets to Lyndsey Fitzgerald, CEO of the Belmont Jacaranda Community Centre
Lyndsey explained that The Jacaranda Community Centre is a 'not for profit' community organisation
set up in March 2000. The project started in a small shop front and later accommodation was provided
by a grant from Lottery West.
"The centre is owned and respected by the community. Aims include; provision of information,
resources and casework in areas concerning housing, debt negotiation and family support. Through
holistic support, the aim is to enhance and maintain the welfare education and cultural needs of people
on low-income in a safe and inclusive space."
Case Studies
Lindsey gave examples of case studies where people can obtain support:
• People who are long term unemployed and searching for work.
• For example, consider a "fly in" and "fly out" worker who suddenly loses his or her job. In some
cases, contracts require one-hour notice of termination. Even a one - week notice makes it
very hard to adjust and find a replacement job or source of income to support a family.
• People who are suffering from a long-term illness, requiring additional help or resources.
• Single parents with three or four children need flexible hours; this can be problematic,
especially if they are working in a small business trying to stay afloat.

Jacaranda Services include the following:
• A free and independent Financial Counselling Service: This program provides a service for
clients in the Perth South East Metro area.
• Aboriginal Family Support and School Inclusion: This program seeks to engage with at-risk
Indigenous families with school-aged children in the Belmont area. Through interaction with
families and local schools, the aim is to improve attendance and achieve positive educational
outcomes for Aboriginal students.
• A food rescue program: This provides fresh produce and bread on Tuesday afternoons at 3 pm.
• Court Support: This aids Indigenous youth who are involved in the court system.
• The list of other services includes the following; pottery classes for people with a disability,
computer classes, parenting support, Alinta Care Scheme, income management, clothing and
blankets, Christmas assistance, Government and non- Government service negotiations,
advocacy and support in welfare issues.

Lyndsey thanked the Club for their generous donation of Christmas Hampers and LEGO set which will to help needy families in Belmont celebrate Christmas