Over the weekend I joined hundreds of other people at the Dual District Rotary Conference, held at the Optus Stadium.  I was entertained, informed, fed, and challenged by what was said at the conference.
The committee put together a formidable list of guest speakers, including New Zealander,Cam Calkoen, local Mick Coliss (at the Gala Dinner) as well as a number of local people who work for a variety of organisations including "not for profits".  The Theme of the conference was "taking opportunities to Kick Goals" with an underlying focus on dealing with homelessness and mental health.  There is so much that needs to be done in this area, and we as Rotarians are challenged to help take action.  We heard about some big projects and some small ones that will help in this regard in our own state.  We heard that as a world wide organisation we need to continue to change to remain effective into the future.
We also heard recorded messages from a number of the Rotary International Board and Trustees including the current RI President, Holger Knaack, a Past President, Ian Riseley and the President Nominee, Jennifer Jones.  All gave us a big thank you for the work we do, and asked that we continue to do the great work that is currently being done. 
If, when you read this, you want to help out please use the 'contact us' button at the top of this page and we can talk to you about how you can help us to help others in need. 
A big thank you to the organising committee for making it such a memorable event.  I am looking forward to the next District Conference in 2022; and the next Combined Districts Conference in the not too distant future (I hope).