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February 2018
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Here's a great initiative that our local council is running to help bring together the young and old of our community, to help one another and share their stories and skills. 
Seniors are encouraged to share their life stories and lessons learned along the way and young volunteers help them to record these in a beautiful booklet while teaching them some basic new technology skills along the way.  
If you know someone in the Belmont area who may be interested and benefit, please help them to connect to this fabulous program.
Well done to the City of Belmont!  It really is the City of Opportunity. 
Members and partners enjoyed a night out in place of our usual breakfast meeting this week with an enjoyable meal in the company of great friends at The Prophet Lebanese Cafe in East Victoria Park.  If the noise we made was any indication of how we all enjoyed ourselves, I'd say it was a resounding success! 
The Rotary Club of Ascot has just approved further financial support of about US$5,000 to purchase and install more water pipes, tanks and tap stands to bring fresh, clean drinking water to high school students in the village of Lete Foho, Timor Leste.
Currently, some of the students have to walk for 2-3 hours each day to attend school so their parents have recently volunteered to help build dormitories so their kids can stay close to school during the week.  How fantastic are they!  They want a better life for their kids and we are proud to support them by bringing water to their new dorms. 
Our ongoing water projects in Timor Leste have already brought clean, fresh water from mountain springs down to thousands in hillside villages and has so far seen a massive reduction in hygiene related health issues and has allowed hundreds of kids to attend school instead of spending their days carting their family's water supplies from miles away.  
If you are interesting in helping us to help them, we'd love to hear from you.
Handicamp is a weeklong live-in camp for 18-35 year olds with a disability, who are teamed with a buddy for a week of fun and adventure.  Now in its 36th year in Perth, campers enjoy trips to Perth Zoo and Adventure World, face their fears on the onsite abseiling course, try their hand at archery, have fun on the river and in the pool, and entertain one another at karaoke to name a few of the week's many activities. 
A group of our members and their partners donned their silliest hats for the camp's Mad Hatter's Tea Party and had the pleasure of sharing their dinner table with Jade (sponsored by the Rotary Club of Como) and her buddy Kristy (by Rotary Club of Esperance) who were enjoying the experience immensely.  
Our best wishes go to all of this year's participants for a most enjoyable week and well done to all those who help to make it happen each year. Its another example of Rotary Making A Difference in our community.
An old friend came to visit us this morning and gave us an update on his Travel Agency and a reminder of the benefits of using a quality Travel Agent over DIY online bookings for your dream holiday. 
Dave Ahlhauser of italktravel Midland said the "Internet is for looking - [your] Travel Agent is for booking" and he gave us some examples of the many pitfalls some travellers have experienced when booking online.  There are fraudulent sites and reviews that are no more than paid ads so the internet is only as good as the user and many don't explore all the facts, they often just go for the bargain.  However, cheap can have hidden costs like poor flight times, bad connections, long stopovers and no backup for the unexpected.  Don't get caught - contact Dave at to make your dream holiday become a reality.
We had our annual Christmas meeting this morning and it was an action packed meeting.  It all started with President Ron providing us with an update of what our club has achieved this year.
Today's guest speaker, Timothy Green, pitched his concept to us for a community event that combines all thing Medieval with the staple food of that era, bread.  He suggested a family friendly event which included dressing up for the occasion, having tables of food reflective of those times, community baking competitions, cooking workshops and dough making, arts and crafts, music and maybe even some archery and jousting exhibitions. He called it "Breadieval".
But was that really his message of the day? Or was his message much more powerful?
It appears Timothy may be aiming much higher and pushing himself to face his fear head-on by taking part in the "100 Days of Rejection challenge" where participants actively seek ways to be rejected day after day, for 100 days, so that they become desensitised to the pain that "no" can cause.  But along the way, they learn many, many valuable lessons that will help them to achieve great things and live their life to the fullest.
Well done Timothy and best wishes for success in your bright future.
For more about the "100 Days of Rejection challenge" , check out
Member Colin and his wife Judy recently returned from a trip to Jordan and Israel.  Although they started with a trip down the Danube and Rhine where everything was lush and green, their first stop, in Oman, Jordan, reminded them they were now in the desert.
They took in many fantastic sites and enjoyed many new experiences including the beautiful pink city of Petra and eating in a bedouin tent in Wadi Rum where Lawrence of Arabia made his mark. They effortlessly floated in the salty Dead Sea and climbed (via a chairlift) to Masada, an old fortress atop a mesa. And further on, they saw where fresh water was taken from the Sea of Galilee to irrigate the lands and turn the deserts green. 
Few can claim a more thorough account of early Western Australian history than our member Gren who's ancestor Joseph Thomas Reilly recorded an amazing report of the trials and difficulties experienced in the early life and settlement of Western Australia. With his wife Mary Lucille, a teacher at age 14 who was one of the first born and schooled in the new Swan River Colony, years before records were kept, and as a newspaperman and entrepreneurial businessman himself, J T Reilly was in a prime position to write his memoirs and preserve our history forever.  We thanked Gren this week for sharing a brief glimpse of his family's history.
With horses straight from the Kendall's "LEGO" Stables, we celebrated Melbourne Cup Day with a few races of our very own!  The ladies donned their most fascinating fascinators and the men, well they came as themselves!  We had a few guests and lots of winners and more than a few laughs for an enjoyable day.   
Another week during renovations of our usual meeting place, our member Michael brought along his caravan to give us all a little taste of why he loves life on the road.  He and wife Robyn have recently returned from another trip across the Nullabor to visit their family.  While away, they partied with the ladies of an Inner Wheel Changeover in Brisbane and said "they sure know how to let their grey hair down"!  
Belmont Tavern has recently undergone some major renovations and we've had a bit of disruption for a few weeks and still have some issues to sort through.  One week we took the opportunity to check out the local cafe "Sapore's" with great results.  We had a delicious and very social brekkie!  
At a recent meeting, Past President Dianne Reed presented our member and Past District Governor Hugh Langridge with a limited edition medallion commemorating this year's Rotary Foundation Centennial.  Dianne brought the medallion back from Atlanta, Georgia, USA after attending this year's Rotary International Convention as a small token to thank Hugh for the many years of wonderful work he has contributed to The Rotary Foundation. 
We recently awarded a part sponsorship to 8 year old Gracean Alago so that she could represent Australia at the SEMAS International Abacus Math Championship in Thailand and we were proud and pleased to hear this week, that Grace won the Super Champion trophy and another one, a performer trophy, in their on-stage talent show.  Our congratulations go to Grace for a fantastic result, for herself and for Australia!  
BRICKTOBER Perth is the Rotary Club of Ascot's gift to our Community and we've just wrapped up another very successful event over the weekend. BRICKTOBER Perth is a family-friendly exhibition of models built by the Lego┬« fans of Perth and gives local families a special day out in the October school holidays.
If success is measured by smiling faces, it was an enormous success! And the feedback from our community is heartwarming and makes our hard work so worthwhile. 
Here's a few of their comments:
"Thank you to the organizers of Bricktober - Perth for opening an hour early this morning for kids with special needs.  Both our boys absolutely loved the displays and it was beautiful to see them enjoying something like this, which wouldn't have been possible in a general public session.  It's the first activity like this that we have stayed at longer than 10 minutes! And all the exhibitors were incredibly friendly and welcoming.  We need more organizers to do this type of thing.  Thank you again." - Amanda Christie
"What an awesome family focussed event!  Absolutely fantastic we were thrilled with everything!  I'm sure it will be an annual family trip up from Busselton!" - Melanie Jarman