On March 2, 2022, Winona Rotary Noon meeting hosted a zoom for two Ukrainians that came to Winona in April 2019. 
 Due to the war with Russia, many were concerned about how they were doing.  We were able to reach out to Lana Markutsia and Lesia Sak-Belostotskaya, who were both a part of the 2019 Ukraine Delegation.  Both women had very different stories to tell and shared about what they were doing to deal with the current war crisis.  Lana has fled to the Western part of the Ukraine with her family, including her 5 year old daughter.  Lesia is working at the National Medical University consulting with patients and continuing with classes.  Both had powerful stories of perseverance and love for their country.  We are supporting these courageous young leaders of the Ukraine by prayers and resources.  We look forward to visiting them again soon. 
In addition, many Rotaries across our District joined our meeting to hear their courageous stories.
Pictures: Top left, Lana; top middle, Lesia; top right and middle center, presentation pictures from the 2019 Ukraine Delegation visit to Winona Rotary; bottom left and right, group pictures from the 2019 Ukraine Delegation Visit.