The Winona Rotary Club has voted on a new local community project!
I have been asked by many Rotarians in Winona to begin the process of creating a local community project.  There were three projects presented by three different board members.  The winner of the vote was to help with the bandshell improvements by adding benches from the Winona Rotary club.  
Jeni Arnold, current Winona Rotary Treasurer, and Jeff McSweeney, Winona Rotary president-elect, have agreed to be the lead Winona Rotary members of this project.  They have both expressed to the city of Winona that the Rotary club wishes to have a presence in the project, not just make a donation.  This is in the very beginning stages of the project so if you are interested in learning more about how you can join the committee, please contact Jeni or Jeff for more details.