Posted by Jill Hamilton
School for Life Uganda
“I am writing to you today about an urgent crisis in Uganda.
 Right now, there are 320 children who are on the waitlist to start school on 29th January 2019...
But sadly we don't have the funding we need to confirm their enrolment, so we've just launched a special campaign to raise $48,500 by 8th January to purchase the desks, chairs, stationary packs and uniforms we need to enable these 320 children to attend school to reach their true potential.”
Sponsor a Student
Your donation will provide a desk, chair, uniform and stationery pack to a child living in poverty. Your name will be engraved on your sponsored child's desk and chair and you'll receive a hand-drawn card and a Kumi pencil case.
This is a ‘call to arms’ for Terrigal Rotary
As it is not difficult for us to spend money on ourselves, for instance a meal out, I would like to suggest that we respond to an urgent request from School for Life, to help finance an incoming student.
 $10 from each member should provide all we need… I will collect the money this Thursday 6th Dec. at Rotary. If you can’t be there but would like to contribute, please let me know.
Many thanks