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Greg Hooper
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23 May 2019

Fellow Rotarians and Friends

At our recent Club Assembly there was some discussion about how to attract younger members and I saw some members may need to understand and to see the different motivations for different generations, especially the mysterious Millenials. 
Terrigal Rotary: How to promote our Club and be attractive to members in a diverse community
As with most all Rotary Clubs and in the workforce, there's something interesting going on in Australia right now. We are composed of multiple generations with at least  five generations living and working side-by-side.  That can be a challenge for Terrgial Rotary as a Club but we can be attractive to younger generations once we understand how each generation wants to be motivated.
Traditionalists: Probus and some Rotary Clubs.  Since this generation was born between 1928 and 1945, you don't see many of them in the community except in Probus and some Rotary Old Boy's Clubs. However, they still impressively make up around three percent of the Australian workforce.   
This is the generation who firmly believes in an "Honest day's pay for an honest day's work." They're extremely loyal and enjoy being respected for that. Since they're conformists, they value most recognition through job titles and money.
Baby Boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964, this group is also referred to as the "Me" generation. They're predominately in their 40s and 50s and are well-established in their careers. As such, they hold positions of power and authority, and in Rotary are represented by members from  law firm leaders and business executives.
Boomers are often ambitious, loyal, work-centric, and cynical.  As a generation they prefer monetary rewards, but also enjoy nonmonetary rewards like flexible retirement planning and peer recognition. They also don't require constant feedback and have "all is well unless you say something" mindset.  Baby Boomers are motivated through high levels of responsibility,  praise, and challenge.
Gen X: Our future Rotary leaders? Generation X were born between 1965 and 1980. They're often credited for bringing work-life balance. This is because they saw first hand how their hardworking parents became so burnout.
Members of the generation are in their 30's and 40's and spent a lot of time alone as children. This created an entrepreneurial spirit with them. In fact, Gen Xers make up the highest percentage of startup business founders.  Gen Xers can be motivated by flexible work arrangements and schedules, benefits like telecommuting, recognition from the boss, and bonuses, stock, and gift cards as monetary rewards.
Millennials (Generation Y): Potential Rotoractors:  Born after 1980, they tech-savvy generation is currently the largest age group in the Australian workforce. They're in their they're the fastest growing segment of today's workforce.   For some Millennials, they're content with selling their skills to the highest bidder. That means unlike Boomers, they're not as loyal. In most cases, they have no problem jumping from one organization to another, you can expect them to join up and stay with Rotary! 
As a motivator, Rotoract is appealing on project or program appeal, and Rotary will not be a life long commitment for them. They want to work in an environment where they can collaborate with others and embracing the latest technology to communicate.  Millennials also thrive when there's structure, stability, continued learning opportunities, and immediate feedback.  
Gen Z or Gen WHY?  Interactors and Rotactor potential: This generation is right on the heels of Millennials and they're starting to enter the workplace. Even more interesting, they make-up one-quarter of the population, making this generation larger than baby boomers or Millennials.  This generation is motivated by social rewards and constant feedback. They also want to be do meaningful and be given responsibility. Other ways to motivate this generation is through experiential rewards and badges such as those earned in gaming and opportunities for personal growth. They also expect structure, clear directions, and transparency.  What's most intriguing about Gen Zers is that over half of them prefer face-to-face communication.
Motivating a Multigenerational Integration:  To make our Club appealing across the generations we have to learn to be mindful of each other and treat each other as individuals.  As Rotarians, no matter what generation we are from.  It's too easy to keep doing what we are doing now and acting like each generation is (or should be), motivated by the same things we are.  That is why surveying member’s needs and wishes, and constant collaboration and consultation is vital to our Club’s health and survival.  Our membership will be a movable feast that requires constant work.
We must also remember that we live in the Service Economy, and especially Rotary members but others are expected to volunteer at school, in their sporting Clubs and with child and elderly care.  Our members and potential members have many other and conflicting commitments to Rotary so we must never forget to encourage work-life balance, especially when it comes to work and family.
 Last week we farewelled our PP Harley, where he received the “Rotarian of the Year” Award from his two home Rotary Clubs, and we enjoyed the company of Galston Rotary President Knox Geelan, and long term Rotarian Ted Shade.  Here is Harley’s citation from his Certificate:
Harley Newham PHF
We recognise Harley as being President on three separate occasions during his years with the Rotary Clubs of Galston and Terrigal.
Harley participated in ten separate Rotary District sponsored trips to Papua New Guinea spanning several years with ongoing development of Rotary projects including delivering aid on foot along the Kokoda Track.   For decades, Harley has been presiding over and organising in two Clubs some of the largest book sale events / fund raisers in the District.
The Rotary Club of Terrigal recognise Harley as our 2017-18 President, held positions as Club Secretary and Directorships in Administration and Community Service and has been a steward, stalwart and inspiration.
Harley has participated actively during Anzac Services, supported those sending aid to Africa and was always available to help raise funds for Rotary causes and other community fundraising events.
We recognise that Harley in his youth at a critical time acknowledged the generous support of a Cowra Rotarian; and in turn we note that Harley has given back several times over with dedication and commitment, not only within Rotary but also to the wider community outside Rotary.
Harley Newham PHF is a true Rotarian in the true sense of the word.
Greg Hooper
President 2018/19
Rotary Club of Terrigal    
Knox Geelan
President / Foundation Member
Rotary Club of Galston
We wish Harley well, safe travels with his trip with Kelly to China, and we look forward to him joining us again as a Friend of Terrigal Rotary and his ongoing support of our Biannual Book Sale Fund Raising project.

Happy days


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