On 24 February we were fortunate to be visited again by members of the Top Blokes Foundation an organisation we are proud to support.  Melissa Abu-Gazaleh foundedTop Blokes in 2006 with the mission of fostering inclusion, building resilience and ensuring the well being of Australian young men.  Members of Mellisa’s team mentor boys and young men to employ positive decision making skills, become positive roll models to their peers and adopt healthier lifestyle choices while developing personal qualities of integrity, character and respect for others.
Mellisa updated us on the new Top Bloke programs especially Stepping Up for boys from 10-13 years old.  Keeps n who was with Mellisa proudly told us about this new program. 
We are pleased to be able to continue our support for the Top Blokes Foundation and it’s incredibly motivated team, President Greg presented Melissa with a cheque for $1000 with our assurance of ongoing support thanks to the sponsorship of our Project Director, John Millhouse.