RYPEN Summer 2019
The meeting on Thursday 7th February
was a highlight in our Rotary year, as we invited returning RYPEN students and their parents to tell us about their weekend away.  All the students were enthusiastic in their reporting back, and they all had made new friends from other areas in the Sydney region, Obviously the internet programmes such as Facebook and Instagram make this an easier platform for communication.  All students were able to tell of instances where they were personally challenged through activity or discussions, and they praised the RYPEN organization for the development of  their leadership skills which they were putting to effective use since the weekend. The students brimmed with confidence and enthusiasm, making this a worthwhile project for us to continue funding. Parents were happy to endorse the changes in their children since the weekend, and thanked Terrigal Rotary for making the camp possible.
Members and visitors were then treated to a presentation by local legend, Edgar Adams, owner and publisher of the Central Coast Business Review, a publication showcasing new and established businesses across the Coast, and reporting on local Council decisions and dilemmas. Edgar pulls no punches when it comes to his interpretation of the bureaucracy both from local Council and government planning. Despite numerous set backs and ‘nimbyism’, Edgar sees a bright future for the Central Coast and he encouraged the younger members of the audience to delve further into newspaper and news reports to detect bias and errors.  This was an informative and energetic presentation, much enjoyed by the wider than usual age range in the audience.