Meeting Report 4 July 2019                                                     By Anne Ward
President Mary opened the meeting noting that a number of our members are away due to illness, travel and significant family commitments.
INVOCATION – Four Way test – David Mylan
TOAST – Rotary Club of Wickford, Essex UK – Don Hall  
Don is a PP of this club which meets on Thursdays at 19.15 for 19.45 at The Chichester Hotel.
  1. Next Board Meeting 11 July at 5pm. Focus will be budgets and plans for the year.
  2. District Changeover - Anne, Lyn & Gina attending and will collect District Directories.
  3. Next Week – Libby Payne will come to share her RYLA experience and Holly Ayres will tell us about her South Africa Exchange.
GUEST SPEAKER – Paula Martin Regional Director from NSW Business Chamber was introduced and also thanked by President Mary.
    Paula’s topic was The Future of this Region, the CC
Paula spoke about the need for Regional Anchor Points and our need to work out what we want to be good at and known for e.g. University centre, hospitals etc.  She indicated we need to stop the negative narrative and talk ourselves up to be ready for the future growth of this region.
Paula Martin was appointed to the Board of Directors of Central Coast Business Chamber this year. She has been with the Chamber for 14 years and brings a wealth of experience from a variety of other organisations.
  • NSW Business Chamber has over 800 staff, 8 regional managers and over 22,000 members and some overseas offices. Their role is to help businesses cut red tape, reduce taxes and improve skills.
  • In 2036 Cc population will increase to 40,000 people, city people will look to the north for a better lifestyle.
  • We produce a high amount of exports
  • We need a good business strategy to develop businesses on the CC.
  • We need to encourage government to help promote business
  • CCCouncil is developing a 40%year investment strategy and to thrive we need to revamp our CBDs and develop our anchor points e.g. hospitals, Universities etc
  • Youth unemployment is at an all- time high. And the overall unemployment figure is 5.5% and only 14 businesses on the Coast employ over 200 people.
  • Careers Councellors in schools are out of date about career opportunities.
  • Establishment of an industry led training hub is needed to offer young people connections to job pathways. And offer more school-based apprenticeships.
  • We need to also accelerate plans to widen the Pacific Highway through Wyong and improve transport connectivity.
An Invitation to the Central Coast Innovation Summit at Mingara on 8th August was distribute