Just one of the township and feeding programmes that Helderberg Sunrise support, these are photos from the Somerset West Night Shelter   Following a news report last week in Australia that the SZ Government have been  supplying food to members of townships, from the news footage it was clear that the basic maize would need to be enhanced with vegetables and some protein to make this diet more healthy - this is what Chris and his partner agencies are helping to provide.  Please give what you can to our South African Feeding Programme... personal donations marked with your name and SAFeed to Bendigo Bank, BSB 633000.  A/c No., 162539910. 
We have been fortunate to get a District Grant for these feeding programmes, and, sending the money, have been mentioned in the local paper in South Africa:


The Helderberg Rotary Sunrise Club (HRSC), which usually focuses its efforts on supporting schooling projects such as “Literacy for All”, “Going for Gold” and “Numeracy for All”, has turned its attention to helping alleviate the food crisis that has emerged since the implementation of the Covid-19 lockdown.