Last week we had Michelle Whittington from Destiny Rescue as our guest speaker. Michelle is a Community Rescue Partner.
Destiny Rescue works to free sexual slavery in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and the Phillipines along with other undisclosed countries where the workers need to be protected.
40 Million people are caught up in slavery...10 million of these are children.  Most are girls however their are some boys, mainly in the Phillipines
So far in 2019  75 children have been rescused, there have been 4340 since Destiny Rescue commenced operation.
There are 2 types of rescue:
1. Undercover rescuers   
2. Working with the police.This accounts for about  40% of rescues.
Once someone has been rescued, Destiny Rescue assists with their Medical, Trauma, Education as well as working with their Family and local community to empower them to stay out of the sex trade.
Case workers are assigned to assist 
The youngest child ressuced was aged 2.  The average age is 15.
Michelle opened many of our eyes to what is happening in some countries, and we were all inerested and grateful to her for sharing this with us.
Maybe this is something we could considering supporting?