Our Christmas Giving Donation was to School for Life, Uganda.

As a result of our party and a small donation, we were able to buy 28 bricks!  Well done everyone.
They need to build a boarding house for the girls... read below
Members agreed to donate AT OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY...our usual meeting fee of $25 towards this charity... we should be able to buy at least 12 bricks ($28 each brick..) - AND our effort was doubled by a generous benefactor!       


Build A Girl's Future

Every girl deserves an education, but only 1 in 5 girls in Uganda get the chance to attend high school.

Instead, of an education, young girls are forced into marriage and teenage pregnancy.

Buy a brick and help us build a boarding school to give girls a safe place to learn, so they can create their own future.

PLUS, your donations will be DOUBLED thanks to an amazing couple - up to a total match of $100k.

Right now, 300 girls at Mbazzi Secondary School urgently need help to complete their education.
It's a disgrace: girls are kept out of school because they are girls. They are forced to stay home, get married, and have children. Their futures are taken from them before they have the chance to finish their education.

These girls urgently need a safe place to learn, where they are free to study, dream, and determine their own future.

We need your help to build it.

We need to raise $350,000 by December 31 to build a girls' boarding house at Mbazzi and give these girls the chance to finish school, break the cycle of poverty, and realise their dreams.

Thank You..  Annabelle Chauncey