We will have a report on the Book Sale at this week's Board Meeting, and an article in the 2nd May TT Bulletin. 
From all reports so far, it was an exceptionally successful sale both in terms of proceeds raised, with the major beneficiaries being Aspect School Secondary School - Terrigal Campus; and Top Blokes Central Coast.  Also, the good will it created with the Terrigal / Central Coast community. 
For the first time, we surveyed people on how they heard about the Book Sale.  This effort captured names of people interested in our Club, contacts for future donation of books, and a plethora of favourable comments.
From surveying, we found with no surprised that overwhelming it was both the signage and that the Book Sale is a rusted on institution that people look forward to. 
Interesting, however, around 30% of the respondents listed social media as their major influence.  They cited Facebook / Swap, Buy and Sell as well as What's on Central Coast / Tourist Agencies on the Central Coast telling weekenders from Sydney, and people seeing our signs and then going to our website for further info - and this may have had an impact on the increased patronage. 
Also, radio, referral from friends and our own Rotary network amounted to nearly 20%. 
John and Janet noted that with our advertising for donations that people had already been on our website / Facebook noting what books were suitable for donation. 
Harley has arranged additional parking next to Hall for the next Book Sale though our Lion's Club friends.  Also, the additional attraction of the Innerwheel Ladies stalls, and the Lion's Club Car Boot Sale with some beautiful weather helped make it a go to event!
Further Feedback: We had a fall incident on Saturday, and I have prepared an RA Incident Report with the recommendation to build an addiitonal step outside the foyer where patrons leave the hall.  Also, from this we noted our First Aid Kit was missing, so we will have to prepare a  checklist, and check it is completed.   Our Square POS had connectivity issues, that were finally resolved on the Sunday, this didn't effect sales, and should be soon bullet proof?  Also, we should have people rotated on the front desk to record comments and to hear just how  valuable our Club is to the community.  I was so proud of the feedback we received.   The survey is important as for our next Book Sale we have information on how to better reach out to our present and now potential customers on social media.  Our PR Champions Mark Reynolds, and Robyn Ratcliff will grow this segment enormously wth their professionalism and networking capabilities.
Thank you John, Janet, Harley, David, and all the Rotarians and their Rotary Friends who helped out with this Bi-Annual event.