from Editor Don (with a photo assist from Dan)
This week's Midday meeting was all about Members of our Club.
The meeting kicked off with a member Spotlight with Past Pres Dan interviewing distinguished member Denny Wilford about the incredible work Denny and his Foundation have been doing in International Service in Africa.  Unless you're brand new to Midday Rotary, or have been sleeping under your table during meetings you will know Denny well from his recent presentations on the Wilford Foundation's work to eradicate Polio and help it's victims in Ethopia.  This Spotlight gave us a chance to hear a bit more "history" from Denny re: how he was moved to start this amazing work and the latest news on this year's efforts.  If you're wanting to learn more still, have a look at the Foundation's website Here:  
Following Denny, Two "new" Midday Rotarians presented themselves by way of Rotary's time-honored Classification Talks: 
Tammis Green lead off with a dynamic presentation, explaining that she's a returning, rather than a new member.  She was in fact a Charter member of Midday Rotary back at the time of it's founding.  Tammis updated the Club on her background and especially her most recent activities as a Family Law provider, leading to her retirement from that practice and return to the World of Rotary and our Midday Club.  Tammis said that she'd have been happy to occupy the rest of the meeting, but graciously yielded the podium to the second speaker...
Don Hutchins closed the session with his talk.  A new Midday Rotarian, he's been an active member of Rotary since 2009 and is a Past President of the Kingston - North Kitsap Club.  Don and his wife Sue moved from Kingston to Olalla last year, and he shifted his Rotary membership to GH Midday - which he found to be a perfect fit.  Not only is it a Mid-week, Mid-day Club like Kingston, but it's "will it be fun" slogan closely mirrored the "is it Fun" motto that Don added to his Club's 4(5)-way test during his Presidency. He claimed that winning the jackpot drawing at his first meeting as a guest had NOTHING to do with joining our Club!  Don's a twice-retired Naval Officer and Construction Manager who is particularly interested in Community Service.