from Editor Don,
Midday's speaker this week was Dr. Art Jarvis, Superintendent of the Peninsula School District, who began by discussing their construction program.  Thanks to the successful bond issue last year,  the District is well on it's way to satisfying an urgent need for more space, with 4 schools under construction at this time and expected to be online for the next school year.
He continued by explaining the District funding levy, ballots for which were very recently distributed to district voters.  It's understood that the State doesn't fully fund education programs for local public schools - rather they provide a basic budget which Districts augment through levies.  Prior to this year, Peninsula's levies have amounted to about 1/4 of the annual budget and were at one time an annual request to voters.  In recent years the levies have become quadrennial, so this measure will provide funding for the next four years.  And happily for local taxpayers, the State has recently increased schools funding so this levy only covers about 1/6 of the District budget.  In fact Peninsula District is in the happy situation of asking for the lowest levy funding rate of any District in our County.  School enrollment here, which had dropped during the recent recession has now rebounded dramatically, so the Superintendent encouraged all of us to be as proactive as possible in supporting this levy. 
Thanks to Dr Art Jarvis for a highly educational and extremely timely presentation!