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This week Membership Chair Cheri turned her mike over to Gunda Meissner, our esteemed ex-Treasurer and current President Elect. 
Gunda was born near Frankfurt Germany before the end of WWII. Her father was killed and lost in action in the war and her family lived during her early years in a single house with 6 families, because there had been so much destruction during the war. Her Grandfather raised rabbits, which with the occasional chicken were the only sources of meat for her family.  So she ate a LOT of vegetables and potatoes - especially potatoes, and surprisingly enough she still loves them to this day.
Gunda met her husband Uwe at University in Germany, and they came to the US together in 1968 - for just one year for a job assignment, to the town of Parksville NY.   That year was extended, then extended, and as we know - hasn't ended yet! Besides potatoes, Gunda loves walking in the woods - which probably explains why she's now a resident of the beautiful Pacific NW.  We're clearly the beneficiaries of Gunda and Uwe's "extended year" and are very happy to have them as part of the Midday Rotary Family!