From President Rick,
At our Midday Rotary Zoom Meeting on April 7th, we heard from Jim Castino of the GH Morning Rotary Club about an initiative they have called “Rotary Supports the Harbor.” The concept is to ask our membership to support Gig Harbor businesses during the coronavirus crisis, especially (but not limited to) the restaurants. They are experiencing a true crisis now, as I am sure you can appreciate. Our members liked the idea and proposed that we do something similar for our Club’s supporters. I am pleased to announce that Rotary Supports the Harbor is now a collaboration of all three Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs. Each week, we will identify one or more local restaurants and a day/time when they are normally not overly busy, and you will receive an email notification.  Then Rotarians and friends will order out from that week's selected restaurant.  So far three favorite GH Restaurants have benefited from this program, and we hope to drum up support for many more in the coming weeks.  To date we have supported JP’s Hi Iu Hee HeeDevoted Kiss Cafe, and Moctezuma’s.   Stand by for more to come...
Here’s the plan:
1. Go to the restaurant website
2. Check out the menu
3. Call to place your order and tell them you are with Rotary
4. Pre-pay if possible
5. Pick up your takeout at the restaurant
6. Enjoy a delicious meal at home
Thank you for being part of Rotary Supports the Harbor!