One of the major local organizations Midday Rotary supports is the Red Barn Youth Center on the Key Peninsula.  The Red Barn provides after school activities and meals for more than 70 middle and high school students living on the Key Peninsula.  Last year, with the help of a $3,500 Rotary District Grant, we donated 30 computers to the Red Barn so that students could do their on-line assignments and research.
This year, we worked with the Red Barn to identify a major need.  From the discussion, and again with a $3,500 Rotary District Community Grant, we are installing an outdoor basketball/sport court for the students.  Red Barn is working with Pen Met Parks for a future roof over the court.

Rotarians Stephen Rainbolt, Paul Raschke, Clint Rosson, and Dan Wilson braved the still snow-covered ground to move an existing Red Barn shed to make room for the court.  We left the prep work and cement pour to the professionals.  We expect to soon stripe the court and install the basketball standards, hands on Rotarians, so the students can use the court this spring.