from Editor Don,
Congressman Derek Kilmer, our WA 6th District representative to the US Congress, visited GH Midday Rotary this week and gave us an informative and encouraging update on the "Lesser Washington", as we sometimes like to call it.  He spoke to a number of current issues, and took numerous questions from GH Midday Rotarians.
Dereks message was largely affirmative.  Despite the view of many outsiders, who might believe that stagnation, infighting and obstruction have become the modus operandi inside the Beltway, Derek gave us the "here's what's REALLY happening" view.  And that perspective is reasonably bright.  Particularly newsworthy: he's heading a newly formed Committee  with equal representation from Republican and Democratic members, specifically tasked to modernize the ways that Congress functions.  Additionally, he meets regularly with an informal group of Representatives from both sides of the aisle, who are working hard to overcome the divisiveness that is so apparent to those looking in. 
Derek stressed the importance of constituents keeping him informed of our opinions on the issues.  He encouraged phone and email inputs as being far more timely and effective than snail-mail, which routinely takes many weeks to find it's way to his office.  He also encouraged us to contact his local offices (in Tacoma and Bremerton) to get his assistance with individual problems with Government agencies. 
As always, it was a real pleasure to hear directly from Congressman Kilmer.  It was an enlightening and uplifting meeting.