from Past Prez Dan and Volunteer Chair Mary
With Volunteer Chair Mary Gorman as coordinator, GH Midday Rotary has volunteered to help with the Farmers Market for the past few years.  The Downtown Waterfront Alliance relies on volunteer groups to help with the load/unload of vendors.   Mary is on the Alliance Board and has been instrumental in recruiting groups to help.  
Most have found it to be very fun group activity, so of course she includes her Rotary friends. 
PP Dan was the morning shift crew chief, which also included Midday Rotarians Gunda, Howard and Steve.
Mary's crew on swing shift was a reflection of the entire family of Rotarians.  She had  Jenny Wellman and her daughter, Grace.  Jean and Gary Smith.  Geoff and Mary Gorman.  Noah Flick and Owen Bush.  And Noah’s friend , Solace:  three club members, two spouses, a mother/daughter team, two sons of Rotarians and their friend.  Noah is leaving in two weeks as a Rotary Exchange Student to Hungary.  Rotary really is for everyone!