from the Ed
Chairman Dan swung the spotlight on Luellen Lucid this week.  Most of us remember her vivid description of her Rotary Exchange trip to Russia earlier this year.  So now we got a chance to learn more about our World Traveler.
Luellen has the distinction of having been born & raised in Palo Alto CA - BEFORE Silicon Valley.  It was a calm, rural area then (she says) not much unlike our own Gig Harbor is now - more or less. She was a big fan of swimming and horses growing up, and even once upon a time had a horse of her own - named "Sensations Shooting Star" on paper, but Ruger for short.  Her school included at least one very distinguished classmate who grew up to become director of the NY City Opera. Not surprisingly, he used to play opera music to entertain his classmates.  I guess pre-destination is a thing...
Luellen got away from horses and eventually earned a PhD in comparative literature at Yale, which surely puts many of us in the shade education-wise.  Along the way she developed a strong interest in International Relations, and became an important sponsor of our local Etta Project organization.  As Co-Chair of our International Service Committee Luellen is contributing much to the International side of our Club's Service above Self. We're mighty pleased to have you on board, Luellen!