from your Editor
Our speaker this week was Cynthia Stuart, President of the League of Women Voters of Tacoma/Pierce Co.  She educated many of us on who the LWV are and exactly what they do.
Formed with participation of the Tacoma chapter exactly 100 years ago with the ratification of Women's Suffrage, the League's Mission is to educate voters, preserve and protect Democracy.  And they do that in a variety of ways.  The League stays non-political, focusing on education, information, and discussion in public forums and meetings.  They strongly encourage voter registration, and follow that up by encouraging all those registered to actually vote in every election.  They do NOT support individual candidates or Parties.
The Tacoma/Pierce Co League is organized in Units - our local GH/KeyPen Unit meets at Heron's Key on the third Saturday of every month at 10:30 AM.  And surprisingly - they have been offering membership to MEN for over 40 years.  Apparently, those men insist their membership shouldn't cause the name to be changed!  If you're interested in becoming a better informed voter, and in increasing the numbers of those voters among the population, you might want to look them up.