From your Editor
Midday Rotary got a most interesting update this week on developments at the Gig Harbor Waterfront from one of it's principle advocats - Guy Hoppen.
Our members know Guy well from his selection as our "Star Awards" recipient in 2019 and as the Brother and BIL of two Notable GH Rotarians, Mark and Marilyn Hoppen.
Raised in the little brick house next to the Gig Harbor BoatShop, Guy is certainly one of the most knowledgeable Harborites when it comes to the development of our waterfront.  As an active commercial fisherman since 1980 and President and Director of the BoatShop, he certainly is a major stake holder in the future of Gig Harbor.  He points out that he is also living proof that your last name doesn't have to end in "ich" to be a GH Fisherman... 
Guy discussed the history of our waterfront and the concept of the "best use" of the few remaining public accesses to the water. Pointing out that one commercial fishing boat equals the revenue of 33 yachts, and that the shrinking availability of dock space for the 21 fishing boats now left puts that revenue, and the Heritage Tourism that they contribute to, at risk. He believes that one of those best uses would be to continue development of the Ancich pier for both human-powered craft and commercial fishermen as approved by the City with Resolution 949.  While the City is making progress on the kayak dock, it appears that funding for the fishing dock is still unidentified.
Many thanks to Guy for the excellent presentation, and best wishes to him as he works toward completion of the approved Resolution 949 concept.