from stand-in Editor Dan
Chris Wolpert, the founder and CEO of GBS Benefit Group, presented a very interesting program to help companies large and small manage and reduce their healthcare benefit costs.  With the cost of healthcare a major item of doing business, Chris gave us an overview of reducing those costs by removing high cost barriers between the individual and provider.
Insurance companies have seen significant increases in income and revenue in recent years.  United Health has had a 2,900 percent increase at the top end, with Humana 800 percent at the bottom.  A basket of generic medications can range from $66 through to $900 from CVS…for the same medications.
Chris’ company works with its clients to “deconstruct” each step in the health care process, bringing the strategies of large groups to small companies.  Using a phone app, the healthcare system that is constructed with GBS’ clients removes the costly “middlemen” to improve healthcare efficiency and reduce healthcare costs; leading to less risk, lower costs, and better outcomes.  You can learn more at