from Editor Don
President Rick stood in for the Membership Chairs this week and turned the member spotlight on LONG-time Rotarian Dave Stave.  While he's a senior member of our Midday Club, Dave has been a Rotarian since 1982!  That surely must grant him special status among us.  Dave says it's not his love of Community Service or the fact that his son was once a Rotary Exchange Student to Germany which drives that dedication.  He claims it's really because he just likes a meal! 
Dave hails from Mount Vernon and majored in Journalism in college - then actually put that training to work.  He wrote for and edited Newspapers in Redmond and La Grande OR before returning to WA State with his wife Alberta, who he married in 1972.  Dave's claim to fame is that he once lunched with Ronald Reagan at the White House, and drank from Nancy Reagan's water glass - from which he promptly contracted the Flu! (Yikes).
Editor Don is thrilled to find that there is another (and MUCH more experienced) Editor in our Club. He'll be plotting to hand over this Bulletin soon...