from the Editor
Our resident Dentist Phil Kiss was our presenter this week, with the tale of his adventurous trip to Bolivia to work on projects with Tacoma's Etta Projects organization.
Phil went with Etta to provide Dental work for impoverished Bolivians living in the far reaches of the country where essentially no services are available. 
As you may imagine, conditions there are rather spartan, infrastructure next to nil, and doing Dental work in those conditions a challenge.  But Phil and his team of 3 other Dentists and several assistants persevered, and were able to provide essential dental work to hundreds of Bolivians in two separate locals on 3 day visits to each location, thanks to the excellent support of the Etta Team. 
Phil entertained the Midday crew with a great slide show, and President Rick then presented Etta Staff members Kathryn and Penny with a check to help them continue their excellent work in Bolivia. 
Thanks for the show, Phil.  And thanks for all you do, Etta Projects!