from the Ed,
Membership Co-Chair Dan did the honors this week, and turned his spotlight on veteran member and Past President Andy Ritting.  Andy is not just a Midday member since 2002, but he's been a Rotarian since 1985, which must surely make him one of the senior Rotarians in our Club. 
Born in the village of Oriskany, NY (yes - the one the USS Oriskany was named after), Andy loved growing up with History.  Not only was his hometown famous for a Revolutionary War Battle, but his folks lived in a house that once served as a stop on the Underground Railroad that guided runaway slaves from the South to freedom before the Civil War.
Andy & his friends searched for the rumored tunnel that was used for that purpose, but never found it.  They did, however make use of an old local church building, playing basketball on the excellent hardwood floor in the sanctuary.
Andy moved West with his family, landing for a time in Bloomingdale IL, just outside Chicago.  He advises anyone passing though town to be VERY careful of their speed, as the town has a history of revenue enhancement thru traffic enforcement!
After arriving in Tacoma, he got involved with Accounting, which is his profession to this day.  He met his wife Jan while she was working for a client of his accounting business.  Andy got interested in making wine when he and some friends discovered that winemaking was a perfect excuse for annual parties.  He has since found that he can buy the already-finished wine in barrels and just bottle and label it himself, and he's been doing that for a number of years.  Your Editor is advised that Andy's wine is really excellent.  We're looking forward to the next tasting opportunity!