from your Editor and PE Rick
Last week, our presentation was by Ginger Wireman of the WA State Department of Ecology - one of the three partners in the Hanford Nuclear Waste site cleanup effort, along with the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Her presentation was incredibly interesting and informative, and gave Midday Rotarians a much deeper understanding of the "what, why, where and how" of this very controversial site clean up program.  In the Dept of Ecology's own words:
The Hanford nuclear reservation in southeastern Washington – called the most contaminated site in North America – presents a paradox of massive contamination next to a river preserved in its natural state. The site borders the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River – made a National Monument because of the Reach’s pristine beauty. Understanding Hanford requires more knowledge than recent headlines about leaking radioactive waste tanks and missed cleanup deadlines. Ginger covered some Hanford history, provided an update on the progress and challenges of the cleanup efforts, and explained the importance of citizen involvement in cleanup decisions.