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The Rotary Club of Roseville Chase has been in existence for over 27 years having been chartered in April 1990. It was started by a group of like-minded friends with genuine interests in actively giving something back to the community and having a lot of Fun in the process. This deep rooted culture is at the heart of the club today.

Our club had commenced provisional meetings at the Castle Cove Country Club, and held its Organisation Meeting on 18 April 1990, when Stuart Frith was elected president and Richard Wilmott elected vice-president. To form a club you had to have at least 26 members, which we had – though it has been suggested that a couple of people were not aware they were even members. But we passed the test, and our club was chartered on 24 April 1990. Interestingly as at December 2017, 5 of those charter members still remain members today.

The Crimson Rosella - Our Club Emblem.Image

Our Club’s most revered and respected emblem is the “Crimson Rosella” in flight. It’s sometimes disparagingly referring to as “the legless parrot”, but that’s simply wrong because you seldom see a bird’s legs when it’s in flight.


An understanding of our emblem requires a visit of its history and to do so one must commence in 1824.


In 1824 Samuel Bates was appointed to the highly respected and prestigious position of Surveyor of Distilleries in NSW –a position of some relevance to, and importance in the experiences of our Club members. Samuel in fact lived from 1776 to 1849 and is respectfully described in state records as “a non-achiever with a tumultuous life, which moved from one crisis to another, often financial ones...”

In 1825 Samuel Bates appointed his son Richard into the Surveyor of Distilleries Department, even though Richard was under age and had no prior experience as a government official – but nevertheless well suited for the public service according to Samuel. 

In 1829 Richard Bates sought to lease 20 acres of land at Echo Point, down by the Roseville Bridge, which he was granted. The area is within our Club’s defined territorial boundaries. The Bates family had earlier discovered Echo Point during their family boating trips up Middle Harbour.


By 1832 Richard Bates had become the Surveyor of Distilleries in NSW, succeeding his father, and went on to develop Echo Point as a working farm.

By the 1890’s Echo Farm, then owned by a Thomas Moore, had become a home for inebriates, called RESTHAVEN. Some cynics, with limited knowledge of our Club’s evolution, suggest the nature of this “home” is a reflection of our Club’s social outlook and activities.  

Henry Lawson the famous Australian author and poet, spent time at RESTHAVEN in 1895 after which he wrote his famous story “The Boozers Home” – believed to be based on his time at RESTHAVEN. Could our Club “Bulletin” have its foundations in this history?

“now what’s all this got to do with our Crimson Rosella or  “parrot”?”  you ask. The answer to that very good question is below.

The Bates family had noticed  when they lived at Echo Point that living and thriving in the bushland at Echo Point was a colony of Crimson Rosellas – its uniqueness and existence as an indigenous species at Echo Point is the reason for the  history lesson above.

Crimson Rosellas live in East and South East Australia. They are predominantly a bright red and blue, (but can occasionally be yellow and green). Therein is the crux of the matter. In the Roseville Chase (Echo Point) area there are Crimson Rosellas which are red and blue only. They are unique in this area.

That’s partly the reason the red and blue Crimson Rosella was adopted as the Club’s emblem. There are several other reasons about the depiction of the Crimson Rosella.

In the Club’s Charter year there was a member, Murray Vann, who was a very talented artist and advertising guru, and it was Murray’s role to develop our emblem.

Murray took the red and blue Crimson Rosella and customised it to reflect Roseville Chase’s identity in Rotary, described as follows;

      The right way up:

  • The wings reflect the waterways of Middle Harbour, which radiate from the Club’s Territory and which were used by the Bates family to access the area i.e. Sugarloaf Bay, Middle Cove and Castle Cove.
  • The tail represents the three major road communication links into our territory i.e. Eastern Valley Way, Boundary Street and the Warringah Freeway.

      Upside down:

  •  The body represents the shape of our Club"s Territory when clubs had defined territories.
  •  The tail represents the three major Rotary overseas activities i.e. Rotary International, Youth Exchange and Group Study Exchange.
  •  The wings in this case represent the main Rotary domestic avenues of service and interaction with our community i.e. Community Service, Vocational Service and Club Service.

      When turned counter clockwise:

  • It portrays a most significant image of our Club-   a 6-legged “insect” poised to spring into action and that symbolises an energetic youthful Club, ready to take on the challenges of Rotary- even if on wobbly back legs.   It’s also a reminder that Henry Lawson’s famous story “The Boozers Home”, penned in our Club’s area should not be forgotten. 

The Club’s Emblem is not a "rainbow lorikeet", "galah", "cockatoo" or "parakeet". It is not a "legless parrot" or "legless chook". It’s a customised symbolic representation of Rotary and our area, and our Club’s location, identity and role in Rotary, using the features of the unique indigenous red and blue Crimson Rosella found in our area.


 14th December 2017

Charter Members
BEECHEY                 Des              Museology
BOWDEN                Peter            Management Accounting
CLARKE                   Bob              Printing
CURLEY                  Michael        Life Insurance Marketing
FRITH                      Stuart           Electricity Generation
GILCHRIST             Craig             Superannuation Advising
GOODWIN             Paul              Banking Promotions
HARTLEY                 John             Catering Equipment Hire
HEITTER                  Les               Computer Communications
HOWIE                    Neil              Environmental Law
JENKINS                  Kim              Corporate Legal Services
JOHNSON               Jim               Insolvency Law
JUMANI                  Ahmad         Architecture
LIPSON                  Tony             Pediatrics
McCARTHNY         Craig            Financial Planning
MULDOON            Greg            Boat Broking
PERKES                   Ian               Computer Software
REILLY                    Pat               Marketing Consultancy
SHERIFF                 Zain             International Shipping and Trade
SYMONS                Ross            Local Government
TRIPPAS                 Brian           Catering
VAN                        Murray        Creative Advertising
WALTERS               Kevin           Meat retailing
WHEELEHAN         Michael       Employment and Training Programs
WILMOTT               Richard       Taxation Accounting
YOUNG                   Geoff           Property Development

Charter Club Officers
President                                                               Stuart        FRITH
Vice President                                                       Richard     WILMOTT
Secretary                                                               Craig          McCARTHNY
Treasurer                                                               Neil            HOWIE
Club Service Director                                           Richard      WILMOTT
International Service Director                            Tony           LIPSON
Community Service Director                               Kim            JENKINS
Vocational Service Director                                 Ross           SYMONS
Youth Activity Director                                         Peter          BOWDEN
Sergeant-at-Arms                                                  Geoff         YOUNG

Rotary International Aspects
Rotary International President - 1989/90                   Hugh ARCHER, Rotary Club of Dearborn, Mitchigan, USA
Rotary International Theme - 1989/90                        Enjoy Life
District Governor, District 968 - 1989/90                    Gordon ROWE, Kenthust Rotary Club
District Governors Special Representative                  Malcolm TOMPSON , Northbridge Rotary Club
Sponsor Club                                                                   Rotary Club of Lindfield. President, Hans Guldberg