Nov 13, 2018
Rotarian Barry Anderson
East Timor Water and Sanitation Project

In 2010 our Club (through President Richard Green) participated with Northbridge
Rotary Club in a very successful joint project to construct a new building for
teacher training in the Manufahi District of East Timor for The Catholic Dioceses
of Parramatta & Broken Bay.
The Teacher Training Centre has now been handed over to the Timorese after
over 10 years of training hundreds of local teachers.
Barry, who has been in involved in projects in East Timor for many years, will be
speaking to us tonight about a project to construct water tanks and sanitation
for both a high School of 700 students (with dormitories) and for the village
market place at Ermera (about 2 hours drive from Dili) for a project cost of about
Our Club will contribute A$5,000 with a view to joining with Northbridge Rotary
Club in funding a Global Grant application to be lodged shortly for funding from
The Rotary Foundation.
Barry and two other Northbridge Rotarians have recently returned from East
Timor after visiting the project site. They also visited another Northbridge water
and sanitation project completed in July last year at Letefoho (3 hours drive from
Dili) for 3 schools, the village market place and a medical centre which was also
funded by a Global Grant.