Posted by Jennifer Sweet

The Act of Giving

Reprinted with permission from the Daily News- Reporter Jennifer Sweet

Rotary International has recognized the children of Our Saviors Lutheran Church of Faribault for their selfless act of giving to help the children of Karachi, Pakistan.

In 1985 Rotary International began an effort to rid the world of polio. At that time there were 350,000 new cases of polio in 120 countries each year. The goal was to vaccinate every child under five in the world. Since that time some 3 billion children have been vaccinated and 400 million continue to be vaccinated each year.

Some 1.2 million Rotarians have donated 2.2 billion dollars to support this project. In 2019 Dr. Dick Huston went to Pakistan to vaccinate children. Upon his return the children of Our Saviors showed their love by donating nearly $1000 to provide vaccinations to the children in Karachi.

Using matching funds from the Gates Foundation this was enough money to keep 1000 children from experiencing the crippling disease and possible death. In 2021 there were only two cases of polio in the world. Only in Pakistan and Afghanistan does the disease still exist. Pictured is Dr. Huston (left) presenting the certificate of appreciation to Pastor Jeff Sangren.