The "The Rotary in the Park" event will be held on Saturday August 7th from 3-8 PM at the Franksville Beer Garden, 9614 Northwestern Avenue. The "Rotary in the Park" committee is asking you to bring your basket items or silent auction items to the meeting this Friday (7/23).  If you are unable to attend, contact a committee member and we will pick them up.  We are making an early push so that we can upload the items onto the silent auction website prior to the event.  We appreciate all your support.  Chad Arents, Liz Rosenberg, Alicia Schmitz, Tom Durkin, Loretta Baxter, Denise Lockwood, Renae Schmidt, Ken Gould, Daniel Widmar, Mr. Emery
This year's BIG fundraiser is Rotary in the Park and we are only a weeks away. With that said, what we need help with is creating silent auction "baskets". Please do not be scared off by the word "basket". We are not looking for anything crazy. Just something nice you would like to win at a silent auction. Also, if you are really worried about creating the basket, we can take items and combine them together and make it look nice for you too, just drop off the items to us. We are looking to have these basket have a value of $50 - $300 value. 
To make it even easier, here are some ideas for themes of baskets we hear are pretty popular. However, please be as creative as you would like. 
Pet Friendly (Dog or Cat etc.)
Family Movie Night
Family Game Night
Beer, Wine, Liquor
Dining out baskets
Beauty basket (Men's and Women)
Beard basket (Men's)
Pasta Night basket
House Cleaning basket (Johnson Wax friends)
Outdoor game basket
Dental care basket
Pool Basket - fun in the sun
Healthy living basket
Cigar Basket
Craft Basket
Packer Basket
Brewers Basket
Sports Basket
Holiday Baskets
Book reading basket
Tea/Coffee basket
Also,  we are looking for single items as well. If you have something you feel has value all on it's own, that will work. (TV, Bose speaker, Fitbit, Cooler, small grill, purses, Sun glasses, signed memorabilia, Tablets etc. ). 
All items/baskets need to be collected by July 23rd to ensure we can upload them on our new ONLINE BIDDING platform. Please feel free to bring them into our Friday meetings, or call/email me and we can come pick them up. You can text me as well, but let me know who you are if you do that as I  don't have everyone's phone number. 
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask. 
I want to thank you all in advance for your support and generacity. We couldn't do it with out you. If we all pitch in and I know we can do it. Let's show the  public what a GREAT event Rotary can through. 
Thanks again, 
Alicia and the entire Rotary in the Park Committee.