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Oldsmobile was 100 years old in 1997, the first brand to achieve this milestone.
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  Greeter Fine Thought Speaker  
October 20thGreg YorkTim SheaThomas Meyers IIIClaire Weslaski  
October 27thEric OlesenTBALaura DegrootMelvin Hargrove  
November 3rdFrank SterbinJohn BuseyDonna MuellerLynsday Knoell  
November 10thPeter WyantBill SeidelRobert FelleJohn Daniels (assembly)  
November 17thScott HessTom LeuenbergerBill SustachekAl Klingenberg  
November 24thRoundtableRoundtableRoundtableRoundtable  
December 1stDimple NavratilJeff JanosikChris TerrySteen Sanderhoff  
December 8thBob HenkenLarry VailJames LynottJohn Schneider  


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Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Oct 14, 2017

 This week, Friday October 20th, our meeting will be at Racine Country Club at 7:00 AM. Our speaker will be Heidi Boyd from the Humane Society. Heidi is a guest of Claire Weslaski.


Duties for Friday October 20th

Greeter- Greg York
Fine - Tim Shea
Thought - Thomas Meyers III
Speaker - Claire Weslaski 


  Please note that the club duty roster through January 5th, 2018 is now posted on the club's website. Take a look and make sure you are prepared for your duty! The next 7 weeks of this schedule are always at the end of this newsletter (RYFNL).




Rotarians, please post things to these sites, and when doing so to "hash tag" #RACINEROTARY.  This will connect all of our posts to each other.





 If you have speaker duty please let me know two weeks in advance who your speaker is or what your program is so I can get the info to the newsletter. If you have any difficulty finding a speaker please attempt to reach out to other club members for assistance and let Patrick Booth or Tom Leuenberger know what the program will be. 


Tom Leuenberger






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The 2017 Rotary Christmas Party will be on November 30th at RCC. This year, in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Rotary in Racine, we are going to try and recreate the menu, entertainment and ambiance of the 1st Racine Rotary Christmas party in 1917. Steve Donovan and Devon Borst along with the entire 100 Year Anniversary Committee working with RCC's John Schneider are striving to try and design a menu that will faithfully replicate a holiday dinner circa 1917 in Racine.
Your input on the menu would be much appreciated. At present selections may include ; Grilled Mutton Chops, Potted Shrimp, Salmon Mayonnaise, Smoked Sardines, Rounds of Spiced Beef, Veal Pie, Corned Ox Tongue, Soused Herrings, Braised Duckling, Hindquarter of Lamb, Boiled Capon, and Bordelaise Potatoes. Many more possibilities exist and we have not even discussed dessert yet. Please give your input!! 
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Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Oct 11, 2017

Rotary Clubs members from in and around Bonita Springs, Florida are volunteering to help the unfortunate folks that sustained significant damage from floods caused by Hurricane Irma last month.  A couple of Racine Founders members and a former club member showed up to lend a hand too.  Dan White, Don Brownell and Bill Seidel represented the Racine Founders as they cleared out a damaged home in Bonita Springs.  Many of the residents in this area lost most of their possessions as flood waters from heavy rains in the weeks preceding the hurricane and then Hurricane Irma itself furthered the damage and delivered the final blow.  


If you would like to contribute the cause to help the Rotary Clubs of SWFL provide some relief, follow the link  Everything will help those in need get their lives back to being somewhat manageable.  It will take many months to get back to “normal”.


The photos below include some Racine Founders Club members past and present!!!






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Member Birthdays;

Oct 01 James Lynott
Oct 02 Al Klingenberg
Oct 15 John Daniels
Oct 19 Shelly Kuroski
Oct 20 Alicia Schmitz
Oct 21 Dave Easley
Oct 24 Norris Richardson
Oct 25 Bob Henken
Oct 26 Larry Vail
Oct 29 Tom Meredith
Oct 29 Al Schmidt


Oct 02 Ted & Ann Hart
Oct 03 Matt & Patricia Montemurro
Oct 05 Larry & Angie Vail
Oct 06 Jody & Sunday Muniz
Oct 06 Kelli & Rick Stein
Oct 18 Scott & Holly Hess
Oct 20 John & Jean Schneider
Oct 26 Peter & Leah Wyant
Oct 30 Dimple & Denis Navratil


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