Rotary Club of Racine Founders


This week, Friday April 28th, our meeting will be at Racine Country Club at 7:00 AM. Our program will be a special "Racine Visioning" session. As we need more time than usual for this visioning session we will dispense with some of the normal parts of our Rotary meeting and move toward working on our visioning session (see below). This will be a modified format Rotary meeting. Please come prepared to offer some vision!!!!


Tom Buhler, CEO Butter Buds, is speaking at Rotary on 04/28. Tom heads up a group called “Visioning A Greater Racine” (VGR). It consists of community members interested in helping the Racine area become a better place to work and live.
During our April 28th Friday Rotary meeting Tom Buhler will hold a visioning session with our Rotary group. VGR’s goal is to use “strategic visioning” — a multi-step process in which our Rotary group will create a vision of what they want their community to be — to determine where the greater Racine area can be in the next 10 to 15 years. Its overall aim is “to develop a road map for the community in which future generations and current residents thrive.” This session will take about 45 minutes which means we will not have proud money, thought of the day, fine or announcements.




Rotarians, please post things to these sites, and when doing so to "hash tag" #RACINEROTARY.  This will connect all of our posts to each other.





 If you have speaker duty please let me know two weeks in advance who your speaker is or what your program is so I can get the info to the newspaper. If you have any difficulty finding a speaker please let Patrick Booth or Ashley Staeck know and they will assist you.


Tom Leuenberger