Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Apr 17, 2019
We are looking for Rotarians to help with Post Prom on Saturday May 18th and for the Special Needs Prom the next night, Sunday May 19th. This is our first year doing both Proms and we will need "all hands" to help volunteer and make these events happen. The following note from Kelli has some specifics about the Special Needs Prom (called a "Night to Remember") For both Proms our "Chairs" are Sara and Kelli.
Amanda, Sara and I have been working very hard to ensure the transfer of tasks for the Night to Remember event is smooth and that we present as fantastic of an event as possible to our Honored Guests and the community. However, we could use some additional help from our fellow Rotarians! Specifically, we need help in the following areas:
  • Dress Event Coordination
    • Donated dresses are provided to our guests at an event scheduled for April 26th and 27th at Memorial Hall. We need help coordinating this event as well the day of to assist our guests.
  • Limo Coordination
    • Attendees arrive via motorcade in various methods of transportation. The motorcade begins at Rotary Park and briefly drives through town to the front door of the hall. We are looking for help acquiring methods of transportation and as point of contact the day of the event.
  • Flower Coordination/Assembly
    • Participants each receive a boutonniere/corsage. In past years these have been silk flowers assembled prior to day of. We need help either assembling these, or finding a community group that could assemble these for us. 
  • Volunteer Coordination
    • This event involves a large group of volunteers from the community. We could use some assistance coordinating these volunteers both leading up to, and the day of the event.
If you are available or know someone would would be interested, please email us at and we will fill you in on specifics. Adding this event has has been been a challenge we are confident we will be able to achieve, but there are still tasks that need to be addressed, and any assistance from our fellow Rotarians would be greatly appreciated. Turning Post Prom into a full Rotary Racine Prom Weekend that we can all be proud to present to our community!
Thank you,
Kelli Stein