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  • - Introduction of guests – Ted Morrison, District 7070 Governor
Announcements -
  • Dave -Foundation Dinner – Nov 18 at Dalewood;  the speaker has been confirmed; we will have lots from our club there; excellent recipient; pay Dave for your guests at the door; cocktails – 6:00pm; dinner – 7:00pm.o
  • Kevin – Habitat for Humanity – an email will be coming from them; our date will be either Thur, Nov 30 or Saturday, Dec 2 to be confirmed.  Training happens at the start of the day.
  • From last week – Karen L had a motion on the floor to donate $1,000 to Horizons of Friendship – carried unanimously.
  • Happy Bucks –
    • Kevin – Bancroft – his dad, aunt, uncle and their cousin are all represented in the banners for Remembrance Day.
    • Ted – last weekend he was in Niagara at the Rotary conference; reaffirms his feelings about Rotary – fun and fellowship; amazing opportunities to network; next year it’s in Wellington for one day.  Plan to be there!
    • Helen – had a message from Eric that we succeeded in our district grant match; there are some details to be worked out. We are together with three other clubs – we got 80% of what we asked for.  Yay!!!!  Also  Helen was at a Remembrance Day service at the school where she works.  As the names were called out (of young men who went to war and died) one boy stood up for each name which really showed the impact of the war on the people from the school.  It was very moving.
    • Petra – went to the Hospital Gala; had a great time dancing with Louanne and Greg; the bad news is that Louanne’s knees swelled up and she can hardly get out of bed; send her an email if you think of it to brighten her day.
    • Doug – had to call the insurance company; started out as water in corner of the kitchen and is now up to about a $50,000 claim; has been a very positive experience with insurance company.  They even called just to ask how things were going in a very nice way.
    • Elaine – took her mother to a family gathering; her Mom was presented with an ultrasound picture to congratulate her on becoming a great grandmother!   
    • Sue – went to Holland to see Erik’s Mom – at 95 she doing well and looking good.  They took a side trip to Paris and want to go back!
  • Guest Speaker: Dave – introduced speaker District 7070 Governor Ted Morrison.  Ted gave an informative and passionate speech about Rotary Foundation.  Our club has given  $168,000+ (all $ in USD) to Rotary Foundation since our inception in 2000.  We also have 17 Paul Harris fellows; 5 benefactors; 3 members who have left a gift in wills; 1 major donor; 6 members who are making payments to Foundation using Rotary Direct (these are monthly payments – easy to do.)
  • - This is Rotary Foundation Month – time to reflect on what the Foundation is doing.  Rotary would not be here without the Foundation.  Your donations are voluntary – however the philosophy has always been that Rotarians will want to support their Foundation if they are aware of the organization and what it accomplishes.  When you donate to the Foundation we share our resources and are part of a bigger effort to support international projects.  Example – a club sends money to the Foundation and their support is added to total enough to make the project work.
  • o Where does your money go when you give to the Foundation?  There are 3 “buckets” -
    1. Annual Programs Fund –
      • • Humanitarian Grants – paid from this fund
      • • Vocational Training Teams
      • • Peace Scholars – an amazing program
      • • Global Scholarships –
      • - Explained the Share Program - Your donation – goes to the TRF (annual fund) which is invested over 3 years.  After 3 years they give your money back!
      • • 50% goes to the district (designated funds).  The district can spend up to 50% on District Grants.  Now there are so many grants they have decided to give everyone 80% of what they ask for so everyone gets something.  The other 50% of the District Funds go to Global Grants.
      • • The other 50% goes to the World Fund.  The funds in the World Fund are used to support projects.
      • • Canadian Rotary clubs got $6 million from the Canadian Government to use in Global Grants.  This makes a big difference in the grant calculations.  This amount is for 6 years; then Rotary will apply again.
    2. Polio Eradication – a different fund; these funds are directed specifically to Polio eradication otherwise it goes into bucket #1.
    3. Endowment Fund – set up to ensure the perpetuity of the Rotary Foundation.  If markets crash, membership goes down – this fund ensures continuity.  Funds are not spent anywhere.  The earnings can be spent anywhere and can be directed by the donor.  How to get money in the endowment fund?
      • • Benefactor – so easy; don’t have to give any money until you die; include it in your will – minimum of $1,000.
      • • Bequest Society Member – as simple as leaving $10,000 US+ when you die.  Could take out an insurance policy with Rotary the beneficiary.
      • • Major Donor - $10,000 minimum; levels up to $1 million.
      • • Arch Klumpf Society – starts at $250,000 and goes up to $1 million.
  • When you join Rotary two things happen –
    1. You pay your dues
    2. An account is opened for you with Rotary and keeps accumulating as you donate.  When you hit $1,000 (US) you are awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.   When you hit $10,000 you are a major donor.
  •  It is the duty of every Rotarian to support the Foundation.  EREY – Every Rotarian Every Year.  There is no specific amount – it depends on your situation.  The problem is that not enough Rotarians are giving money – in District 7070 it is only about 50% of Rotarians who are giving money.
  • o If you believe in Rotary and the work that is done around the world – why wouldn’t you support the Foundation?
President Kevin - No meeting next week – Foundation dinner
  • - Nov 22 – Dan Bulger will be our speaker
  • - Nov 29 – social – Arthur’s
  • - Dec 6 – Northumberland Hospice speaker
50/50 – Doug McCann; Scott Allison (twice!) – no winner this week.
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Rotary Notes – Nov 1/17
  • - Guests – baby Josephine
  • - President Kevin – opening remarks / called on people for updates
    • o Hank – has been in touch with Habitat; there is an opportunity for sweat equity for a day in Port Hope in Nov/Dec. Expression of interest – several people interested so we will offer to participate.
    • o Dave – Foundation dinner – Nov 18 at the Dalewood; we have almost a full club; there is a very worthy recipient.  Cocktails at 6:00pm; dinner at 7:00pm.
    • o Petra – two motions from last week;
      • ♣ Five Counties – (get wording from Petra) - $2,000 – carried unanimously (except Josephine abstained)
      • ♣ Giving Tree - $1,500 – carried unanimously
    • o Blake – thanks to everyone who endured the Canada Post website to get free shipping for shoes, etc to the north.  Thanks to the student from TCS who has helped to gather sports equipment etc.  If you have any clothes or shoes to give please let Blake know or drop it off at 62 Walton St.
    • o Melanie – the Port Hope Rotary Club is putting in a booth in the Home Show at the Rec Centre this Saturday.  10:00am – 4:00pm.    We need 3 people to each do a one hour shift. Email Melanie if you have a free hour on Saturday.
    • - Paul R – he was happy but I didn’t catch the details!
    • - Blake – 2 happy bucks; his wife is home from holidays
    • - Karen G – went to the Meatloaf play and it was totally worth it.
    • - Hank - $5 – leaving in the morning for Fort Meyers
    • - Beth – had a great time on a mom/son road trip to Detroit for the Eagles concert.  Music was fantastic too!
Foundation Fun Facts –
  1. 1) Who proposed the endowment fund which is now called the Rotary Foundation at the 1917 Rotary Conference?  Archibald Klumpf? Winner – Karen L
  2. 2) What year was the Rotary Foundation named the Rotary Foundation (changed from the Endowment Fund)?  Winner – Larry – 1928
  3. 3) What is the Arch Klumpf Society?  Paul – It’s for people who contribute over $250,000 in a year.  Two people from our community – Bill Patchett and Mike Parker.
Petra – Pod 5 is proposing a social on Nov 29 at Arthur’s.  6:00pm – drink / hor d’oeuvres; you can order dinner if you like; there will be a section set aside for us.  An email will come out through Club Runner to get a head count.
50/50 Draw – Beth, Louanne and Hank – no lucky winners.   
Committee Meetings
Karen L – the committee is proposing a donation of $1,000 to Horizons of Friendship - will put a notice of motion seconded by Linda Givelas – work in Guatamala that is supported by the Canadian Government; based in Cobourg; great organization.
Petra – nothing new to present but we will contact Patricia with the Help Centre to see if we can help them.  Doug McCann is going to put a schedule together for the Xmas hampers and kettles.
Melanie  - Foundation – thinking about doing a Scotch tasting the week of Jan 17 (that would be our social event).
Kevin – upcoming program
  • - Next week – Ted Morrison
  • - Nov 14 – no meeting
  • - Nov 18 – Foundation dinner
  • - Nov 22 – Dan Bulger
  • - Nov 29 – no meeting (social)
  • - Dec 6 – presentation from Northumberland Hospice project
Honoring Indigenous People – committee meeting held
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A great breakfast was served by the Ash Brook staff and the sun was shining brightly. President Larry Langdon  took over for Kevin McAlpine who is away until Thursday. No guests today as our speaker  Colin Sanders was called away to Europe. We will re-schedule this amazing guy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
President-elect Larry reminds members of the District conference at the White Oaks Inn in Niagara on the Lake. Contact him for details.
Larry hopes POD 4 is ready for October.
President-elect Larry wants Rotarians to keep their thoughts on those suffering in the Carribean islands.
Petera Becker updated Sunrisers about Camp Enterprise. It is being organized in 2018 by The Rotary Club of Cobourg.
Karen Trizzino asks members to look over the different committees and sign up for at least two, if you haven't already. One committee should be a fundraiser and the other should be a spender.
Treasurer Cathy Cavanaugh announced that someone will almost certainly win the 50/50 draw today. There's only four cards left in the deck and three of the four will be picked today. Let's see what happens.
President-Elect Larry Langdon announced that the town of Cobourg won the 2017 Five Blooms Award. He's hoping that our hospital garden played a part in the win.
Mel Racine reminds members that our goal for Rotary Foundation is 100 dollars per member. We are having a fundraiser soon to get our club to that goal.
Scott Allison announced happy anniversary wishes to Kevin McAlpine and his wife this coming week.
Happy Bucks.
Cathy Cavanaugh is dragon boating this weekend and thanks those who sponsored her.
Petra Becker is excited about “Girls Gone Camping 2017” with 200 other girls.
Beth Brooke is happy to be back but has great memories about all her summer family fun.
Scott Allison had a great time at Connie's house on Sunday swimming and partying.
Guest Speakers.
Sunriser Extraordinaire Elaine Sheppard  and her Canada 150 Trivia  partner Blake Holton divided those in attendance into three groups. Questions were asked about numerous Canadian events, characters and geographic locations. Chocolate covered Fortune Cookies and Belgian Chocolate Truffles were given away as prizes.
50/50 Draw- What were the chances. Four cards to choose from. One a winner. Three cards pulled from the four card deck. No winner. Next week the first number pulled will be our 50/50 grand prize winner.
Best regards.
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BREAKING NEWS: There are just three cards left, after this week’s draw, to win the 50/50 pot next week (estimated at $700+)
Visitors and Guests: Greg Cable
President’s Report: 
Quote of the day: Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
Thank you to Mel and Paul Racine and their team for organizing the Scotch-tasting event last week. It was a terrific night!
November 12 – Rotary Day at the United Nations
November 16 – District Foundation Dinner, Oshawa Golf Club
Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha – charter flight to Atlanta International Conference - June 2017 – details available.
November 16 – No regular, Wednesday morning meeting
November 17 – White Christmas – Opening Night Rotary Fellowship Event. PE Kevin McAlpine urges club members to sell tickets!
November 19 – Foundation Dinner, Dalewood. Dave Houston says the club will bestow a Paul Harris Fellow on a local resident and the evening’s guest speaker is a Global Exchange Student at UOIT, on Environmental issues.
From the Board and Membership:
Larry Langdon, Community Service Chair: Distributing a sign-up sheet for December 3, 2016, to man the Salvation Army Kettles for a few hours at The Independent Grocer in Port Hope or Foodland in Cobourg. Christmas Hamper delivery is scheduled for December 19th. Doug McCann to provide further details, soon.
Community Service Committee met last week and Larry presented three Notices of Motion for voting next week. They are: That the Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise approve:
  1. 1. The donation of $1,500 to The Giving Tree program
  2. 2. The donation of $1,000 to the Salvation Army Christmas Hampers program
  3. 3. The donation of $1,000 to Community Care Northumberland
Past-chair, Linda Goldie, reminded the club that in order for us to continue to support these community programs and global projects, ongoing fundraising is required – and asked that everyone work hard to sell the White Christmas Gala tickets, our next event.
Karen O, Social Committee –  Brought a beautiful birthday cake for us to help celebrate Exchange Student, Nico’s birthday. Argentina meets Canada. 
Happy Bucks:
Scott A. and Connie H. – Had a great time in China the past couple of weeks.
Helen – Had a great time at the Casa Loma Legends of Horror event and the Trafalgar Castle School Haunted Night event. “Nico was good and scared” – Or maybe it was because he was staying in a pink bedroom the past few weeks, while Connie was away…
Karen O. – Went to a Hamilton Ti-Cats game and tailgate party, which was “friggin’ awesome”, made an appearance on the Jumbotron and learned that there is no penalty box in football.
Beth – Happy to make it to Rotary two weeks in a row. For once, 7:00 isn’t too early, as her new puppy has her up by 5:30 in the morning.
Stef – Had a great time in New Orleans – oh, yeah, and she’s getting married! Nice, subtle announcement…
Blake – had a great time in Stowe and Lake Placid with his childhood sweetheart (that would be his wife, Eileen) in celebration of their 37th anniversary. They did have a bit of a surprise, when they thought they booked into the Merrill Inn in Picton for a sweet $66/night deal, only to find out that that would be the Merrill Inn in New Hampshire. Add that to the $299 they paid for the real, Picton inn and they could have had a suite just about anywhere!
Ed – Great to be back and will try to be here every week. (Great to have you back, too Ed!)
Larry – Feeling a bit like a pin cushion after some vaccines and blood work this week, but wanted everyone to know that if you are between 65 and 71 years, you can get the Shingles Vaccine for free
Pres. Bob – happy to be back after missing last week. Thanks to PE Kevin for filling in.
Did we mention there are only 3 cards left in the 50/50 draw for next week?!
Guest Speakers:
Our own Dave Houston and Dan Bulger (Rotary Foundation Committee) enlightened us on all things Foundation, in honour of November being Foundation Month.
The Rotary Foundation is the largest, non-governmental foundation the world and is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, made up mostly of past Rotary International past-presidents.
All proceeds support Rotary projects. The Foundation manages three main funds:
The Permanent Fund, valued at over $1 billion, which is invested in perpetuity.
The Polio Fund – continuous efforts at Polio eradication.
Annual Fund – which is where our contributions go and from which Global and Community Grants are funded. District 7070 has a target of contributing $800,000 this year, and PE Kevin is hoping our club will be in a position to apply for a grant during his year. Global Grants usually involve several clubs pooling together to support large, international projects at a 3:1 matching dollar rate. Maximum allocation is $50,000 for International grants and $2,000 for local grants.
District 7070 has a list of projects that individual clubs support at any time, to help leverage dollars.
Grant applications are accepted in April and each club must have two representatives attend a Rotary Grant Seminar in advance, each year, before they can apply. The District Governor and volunteer grants committee review and award the grants.
Other Foundation initiatives/management include: Paul Harris Fellows, Bequest Society Membership, Major Donors, Arch Klump Society membership, and more.
Well done, gentlemen!
50/50 – (A baseball metaphor in honour of the current World Series, tied 3:3 between Cleveland and Chicago):
Strike One: Sue Luyendyk
Strike Two: Doug McCann
Strike Three and Yer Out: Linda Givelas
November POD, out.
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Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise April 6, 2016
Meeting Called to order by President Elect Bob
-Welcomed back James Barclay from Mexico
-RLI Training is on April 9th
-Helen advised that Men Who Cook is Sold Out. 
-Petra advised that Camp Enterprise is under subscribed and unless more students sign up, it may be cancelled.
-Our Golf Tournament is the last Monday in May and committee members continue their work.
-Presidents Night will be June 17th at Ashbrook.
-Foundation Walk is September 11th in Brighton. Our club will be managing one activity and Sue will advise after the next organizing meeting.
-The Motion to donate $1,000 for challenged canoeing was carried.
Happy Bucks:
-Tom Sears with respect to ongoing efforts in Honouring Indigenous People
-Linda Goldie, Doug McCann, Sue, Tom  and others really enjoyed the concert and the performance of Andy’s daughter.
-Louanne Cable is proud of the skiing exploits of her nieces.
-Stephanie Rudd enjoyed the Picton Rotary hiking and Wine tasting event.
-Bob Clark is gearing up for Young Frankenstein.
Club Assembly   Fundraising
President Elect Bob presented a package of materials that have been circulated. (Available electronically.) This includes an application/information sheet, and an evaluation form to help determine the viability of a proposal.
The goals of projects are to raise funds, increase our profile, impact the community, engage our members. There was a good discussion on various proposals and the pros and cons of each. As a rule of thumb, we should consider an annual goal of $1,000.00 per member and devise a program to enhance existing and add new projects to reach this goal. 
President Elect Bob will update the club further as the committee moves forward.
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Posted by Susan Luyendyk
The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.
The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to much more than US $1 billion. It has one of the largest and most prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.
In 1929, the Foundation made its first gift of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen, later grew into Easter Seals.
When Rotary founder Paul Harris died in 1947, contributions began pouring in to Rotary International, and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation.
The Paul Harris Fellow is an award for those who have given $ US1000 dollars possibly over several years to the Rotary Foundation or by a sponsor that has given the money on behalf of the recipient named for extraordinary services rendered. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Rotary and thus named after the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris.
Last Saturday night in conjunction with Rotary Club of Port Hope we at Northumberland Sunrise held our annual Foundation Dinner.  This is an evening when we award Paul Harris Fellows to community members that have lived up to the Rotary motto of “Service above self” as well as to our fellow Rotarians alike.
Our guest speaker was Jonathan Porter who has recently completed his Masters of Law degree at the University of Essex in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar. His studies focused on the protection of refugees and displaced persons in armed conflict and human rights of detained persons. A very articulate and learned man!
This year Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise presented the following Paul Harris Fellows; Sian Pritchart of Landscape Ontario for her dedication, countless hours and her professionalism surrounding the NHH Garden project our club undertook this past spring and summer. Again many thanks Sian!
Doug and Joan McCann for their work with The Salvation Army in Cobourg and surrounding areas. This couple have devoted countless hours managing The Health Bank and The Jump Start programs to name but, only a smidgen of all they do for their communities.
Blake Holton for his never ending dedication to providing Family Crisis Centre in Apex, Nunavut with much needed clothes and supplies. Blake is instrumental in the ongoing success of the Band Shell series in Port Hope again just to name a small amount of all that Blake does for his community.
And so another successful Foundation Dinner has come to its completion and we Northumberland Sunriser’s will once again start to watch our friends, acquaintances and family for perhaps the next Paul Harris Fellow candidates! 
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
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Posted by Susan Luyendyk on Oct 26, 2015

Rotary District 7070 Inbound Exchange students 2015/16 at the

District Conference Saturday October 25, 2015

And so, another District 7070 Conference has come and gone yet again. This years was at the WestinHarbour Castle Conference Centre downtown Toronto with magnificent views overlooking Lake Ontario. 
Rotary makes it easy for a Rotarian to attend either all of this event or just portions as it fits into our schedules. Come for the weekend, come just for the day, either way just come. This year’s District Conference opened on Friday evening with the District’s Governor, Michael Bell’s Reception followed with Hospitality Suites sponsored by different Rotary Clubs, a great way to socialize and meet other clubs in our district.
Saturday morning started with breakfast followed by the Opening Ceremonies and the Flag Ceremony. Now, the flag ceremony is carried out by the Districts exchange students as they enter the room one by one being introduced each carrying the flag of their country. Quite a moving Ceremony for all concerned.  
This year there were 2 Keynote sessions covering Indigenous Education, How Rotary Can Help including words from Paul Martin and the second keynote session covering Youth Empowerment. There were a total of 8 breakaway sessions offered throughout the day covering diverse topics such as Team Building, Council Legislation, Membership, Polio Update and many others in between. 
Of course, no Rotary meeting of this magnitude would ever be remiss in not covering our ongoing fight to eradicate Polio and this year there was a sail boat traveling the streets of downtown Toronto reinforcing just how close we are to eradicating this disease. To date there have been 2.1 Billion children immunized against Polio in 122 Countries. An impressive statistic and worthy of sharing.
The evening had the usual Gala Dinner followed by presentation of the pristine Wilf Wilkinson Peace Award, this year’s recipient being Ariani Nati. Second City was the evening entertainment followed by another evening of Hospitality Suites. Sunday’s Keynote sessions; after breakfast covered Bugiri WASH and Performance Through Partnership. 
All in all, these District Conferences are motivating, fun filled opportunities to be in the presence of likeminded hard working, inspirational fellow Rotarians. The speakers are all knowledgeable, well spoken, articulate individuals that are easy to be with.
Our club’s November agenda is complete and is filled with some great speakers on a variety of topics. Check us out. Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
Yours in Rotary
Susan Luyendyk
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Left-Right: NHH C.E.O. Linda Davis; Northumberland Sunrise Rotary President Connie Ham; NHH Foundation Executive Director Rhonda Cunningham. President Connie Ham makes another installment on the NHH Garden Project.

This past Thursday evening marked a year’s collaborative journey taken on by Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise, Landscape Ontario, Upper Canada Chapter and the NHH to beautify the front garden of the Northumberland Hills Hospital. What a joyous ride it has been.
NHH Foundation Executive Director Rhonda Cunningham had been invited to one of our early morning meetings in September of 2014 to discuss with us an opportunity to be involved in the NHH Garden Project. After some deliberation, our club took it on with gusto, it would be the perfect sweat equity that our club had been looking for. 
Sian Pritchard from Landscape Ontario, Upper Canada Chapter took the lead and with her charisma, creativity and fine tutelage we embarked on the garden journey in April culminating just last week when we planted 34 Chrysanthemums in order to bring fall colours to the garden just in time for the dedication ceremony last Thursday evening. 
We would like to invite you to take the opportunity for a drive-by before the mums fade and the pedals fall on the flowers as Fall continues. Please enjoy!
Rotary International End Polio Now recently shared with us the most exciting and delightful news when they circulated that We've made tremendous progress in the fight to #endpolio. Nigeria is officially polio-free! Only two polio-endemic countries remain. We’re getting closer to a polio-free world. 
Polio is a paralyzing and potentially deadly disease that still affects children in some parts of the world today. In 1985 Rotary International took on the challenge of worldwide eradication of this disease by immunizing the youngsters of the world. To date billions of dollars have been raised, countless volunteer hours and more than 2.5 billion children have been immunized.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged to match all our funds two-to-one capping at $35 million a year; every year through to 2018. As usual, it doesn’t take a Rotarian too much time before we pick up the gauntlet and accept that challenge, especially when we have just discovered we have only 2 more countries left, what a feat!
A certain young lady from Helsinki that we have all come to know, had a birthday a couple weeks ago. We celebrated along with Saimi that Wednesday morning with a most delicious chocolate cake topped with white icing depicting both countries flags and Rotary logo. Quite decadent for 7:15 AM. Happy Birthday Saimi!! 
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
Yours in Rotary
Susan Luyendyk
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Left-right, District 7070 Governor Michael Bell, new member, Dr. Kevin McCrae; returning Rotarian, Alan Mote; President Connie Ham; new member, Andrew Smith and District 7070 Assistant Governor, Steve Blakey.

Early in the Rotary year the existing District 7070 Governor pays a visit to each and every Rotary Club in the District. No small feat as there are many active and viable clubs. District Governor Michael Bell paid a visit to Northumberland Sunrise on Wednesday September 9th along with Assistant District Governor Steve Blakey.
The Governor shared with us that Rotary International President K.R. Ravindrans’ theme for this current 2015-2016 Rotary year is “Be a Gift to the World.” President Ravindran urges Rotarians to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. "Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."
For the District 7070, Governor Bell had laid out for us the three goals he has for the District this coming year. First on the list is 100 new members, which coincidentally was the second reason Governor Bell was in attendance last Wednesday. You see, he helped our club Northumberland Sunrise induct two new members to Rotary and welcomed another back to Rotary. So, our little club thus far has indeed supplied three to the Governors goal of 100. Welcome to our newest members!
Second on Governor Bell’s list for the District is the goal of raising $800,000 for the Rotary Foundation. Just one of the many ways in which Northumberland Sunrise raises money for this amazing Foundation is through the mum sales we have joined with Cobourg Rotary to sell just outside The Avid Reader on Division Street in Cobourg. Sales have been brisk and the plants this year are especially lovely. All proceeds raised go to Polio Plus, part of the Rotary Foundation and are matched two to one by the Bill Gates Foundation. 
Third on Governor Bells list is “add a new fellowship event.” Now this will not a hardship for Northumberland Sunrise to achieve. We are an eclectic, fun and diverse bunch of Rotarians and we look upon this goal as the easiest one to achieve. 
Our Exchange student Saimi Merenlathi of Helsinki, Finland came to breakfast for the first time last week. Saimi’s Happy Buck was to share with us how much she enjoyed her first day of school, how much she was looking forward to the coming year and oh, Saimi is also a hockey fan!!!
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
Yours in Rotary
Susan Luyendyk
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Posted by Susan Luyendyk on Sep 01, 2015
Basic Education and Literacy is September’s theme as set out by Rotary International. In keeping with this theme first up on this month’s agenda Northumberland Sunrise will welcome Shannon Linton from Sounds of the Next Generation, (SONG).
Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) is a socially inclusive choral and orchestral music program for under-served children and youth in Northumberland County. SONG is a musical community where kids can learn, create, and be part of a team. Participants sing in choir and play in an orchestra and a bucket drum ensemble several times each week.
The eradication of polio worldwide is Rotary Internationals mandate known as “Polio Plus.” Yearly flower sales of mums in support of Polio Plus is organized by Cobourg Rotarian Bill Patchett. Once again Bill has invited Northumberland Sunrise to join them with this endeavor. All proceeds are donated to Polio Plus where it is matched by the Bill Gates Foundation 2/1. Various sizes of Mums go on sale starting September 3rd outside Avid Reader on Division Street in Cobourg. Be sure to drop by and take home a beautiful mum!
The Summer Band Shell Concert Series in Port Hope at the band shell comes to its conclusion this coming Thursday September 3rd with Marty and the Mojos taking to the stage at 7:00 PM. This well-known local blues/rock band is from Port Hope and is always a crowd pleaser. 
You will find Northumberland Sunrise members selling raffle tickets prior to the band playing. Proceeds collected are directed right back to the Band Shell Series for next year’s entertainment. We are the folks in the blue T-shirts. So, be sure to bring your lawn chair and your snapping fingers for this one!
Spear headed by Northumberland Sunrise member Blake Holton, this year’s clothes drive for the Family Crisis Centre in Apex, Nunavut has arrived safely in Iqaluit. The five skids of donations collected locally is being sorted by Lorne Levy of the Rotary Club of Iqaluit. His club members are now in the throes of delivering the donated clothing to the Family Crisis Centre in Apex. Thanks to all Northumberland Sunrise Rotarians who helped pack and ship these boxes of clothing. A special thanks to Ron Spiewak for advocating on our behalf and to Ernie Griffiths and HD Power Supply in Colborne for paying for shipping.
Rotary District 7070 Governor Michael Bell along with Assistant District Governor Steve Blakey will be joining our Rotary Club for breakfast on September 9th. This will be the Governors official visit to our club where he will also be aiding with the Induction of 3 new members to our club. 
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
Yours in Rotary
Susan Luyendyk
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2015/16 Directors, Rotary Foundation, Dan Bulger; Community Service, Linda Goldie; Membership, Darlene Theriault; Treasurer, Cathy Cavanagh; President, Connie Ham; International/Vocational, Tom Sears; President Elect, Bob Clark; Secretary, Ian Lancaster. Missing from picture, Public Relations, Howie McCourt.
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise has just welcomed its new Board for the year 2015/16 and they started in fine form. Currently you will find members of Northumberland Sunrise volunteering their time at the Summer Band Shell Concert Series at the Port Hope Band Shell every Thursday evening starting at 7:00 PM until September 3rd. This is a complimentary evening filled with great talent that has been enjoyed by locals and tourists for a number of years now. You will find us selling raffle tickets for donations from local businesses including a lovely bouquet from Houlton’s Flowers in Port Hope.
Bright and early on the morning of Monday August 17, 2015, 11 members from Northumberland Sunrise served up a high protein breakfast donated by Metro Supermarket in Port Hope, to 121 cyclists, all members of the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure at the Port Hope Rec Centre.  Port Hope was the first stop of a six day cycling adventure from Roseneath to Niagara along the Greenbelt Route. 
If you haven’t driven by the front door of Northumberland Hills Hospital yet, I encourage you to do just that. Since the beginning of April, Northumberland Sunrise along with partner Landscape Ontario, Upper Canada Chapter have been working diligently at the beautification of the front entrance. That marvelous stone wall was constructed by Certified Master Craftsman Dean McClellan and his crew of students from the Saugeen First Nations along the shores of Lake Huron.  
Next on the agenda for completion of this monument is the installation of lighting and dedication signage sometime close to the end of August. Plans are in the making for a dedication event in the fall.
Last Thursday our club once again welcomed an Exchange Student, our 14th one. This year we welcome a young lady from Finland. Saimie will be hosted by a total of 4 different families throughout the year starting from this August until June of the following year. Saimie will be attending school for the year at St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in Cobourg. Stay tuned for updates as the year progresses.
Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise meets every Wednesday morning for breakfast at 7:00 AM at Ashbrook Golf Club. 7215 Dale Road, Port Hope. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Please come a little early for coffee and fellowship. Our meetings include a full breakfast, a short business meeting and a guest speaker. Meetings usually adjourn by 8:00 AM. Please come and join us for Rotary fellowship.
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