Saturday, April 6th, 2013 saw 9 Sunrise members and 2 guests of members painting the Main Hall of the Music Academy.  


Doug, Helen, Harley, Craig Brownhill and friend Yvonne, John, Michelle and daughter Andrea, Arleen, Arlette and Chris and Rod helped members of the Academy bring a new look to the Hall.

With the support of the Academy maintenance crew,  Don James, Terry Sabine and Carrie Lannigan were overwhelmed when all was done. “It looks absolutely wonderful and so professional” Don said.

We at Sunrise Rotary have been helping with painting at the Academy over the past year or more and this culminated into a wonderful feeling of helping to make a difference.

Thanks to Valerie at the Academy for getting a beautiful lunch barbeque set out for all to enjoy. It truly is refreshing to see great teamwork in action.