July 12th, 2015 marked the 31th year of our annual Bike-A-Thon to raise money for the deaf and hard of hearing in BC.  Simply stated, our mission is to support research and provide treatment and care for patients with hearing disorders in BC – to “Bring Back the Sounds of Life”.  Over the past 31 years we have raised over $2.8 million.

The Foundation has donated over $753,000 to St. Paul’s Hospital, which in turn, thanks to Dr. Brian Westerberg and his staff, has helped the Hospital raise over $300,000 in matching donations.  These funds helped create the BC Rotary Hearing and Balance Centre, and provided funds for the purchase of equipment for the Centre.

Over the past 30 years, the Foundation donated over $814,000 to the University of British Columbia.  It helped establish the UBC Rotary Hearing Centre and supported the research work of Dr. Dieter Swartz into cochlear implants.

Thanks to Dr. Fred Kozak, the Foundation was introduced to BC Children’s Hospital and has donated over $108,500 for their Otology/Cochlear Implant program for young children.

Other donations include:

$135,000 to The Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre

$66,000 to the BC Family Hearing Resource Society

$60,500 to Vancouver Community College.

$48,500, to the Hearing Foundation of Canada

This year the Bike-A-Thon raised over $169,500.  Thanks to the support of our many sponsors such as Work Safe BC, McDonalds, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, Cochlear Canada, and Salmon’s Transfer (to mention only a few), we are proud that over the past several years we have been able to donate over 95% of the monies raised by the participants in this event in support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in BC.



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