Vol. 100 No. 23
Philip Webber, President
Franco Gallo, Secretary

Next meeting: Tuesday December 12, 2017 @ Terminal City Club
Rotary Club of Vancouver, Annual General Meeting

Have your voice heard by voting for the 2018-19 RCoV Directors. Please note:
Vice-President for 2018-19: Bill Davidson
Sergeant-at-arms for 2018-19: John Richardson
The Director's slate for the July2018-June2019 term is (3 to be elected):
  • Angus Campbell
  • Franco Gallo
  • Ian Storrs
  • Jack Zaleski
Can we vote in all four?! Unfortunately not. Decisions, decisions...

Upcoming meeting: Tuesday December 19, 2017
Rotary Club of Vancouver, End-of-Year Holiday Social

Our regular meeting at the Terminal City Club will be more relaxed, without a formal program. It will be a time for celebration and camaraderie. Come one, come all and share in the laughter, singing and Rotary hospitality. If you plan on bringing guests, please let Carolyn know asap so that we can be sure to have enough food for all to enjoy.

NO MEETINGS: Tuesday December 26, 2017 or January 2, 2018

Upcoming meeting: Tuesday January 9, 2017
Kerry Forth, Board Chair, Pivot Legal Society

Pivot's mandate is to use the law to address the root causes of poverty and social exclusion. Our name is metaphor for our approach to social change - by making the most tangible violations of human rights the focal point of our efforts, we exert maximum pressure in order to shift society toward greater equality and inclusivity. Kerry will bring us up to speed on the newest issues Pivot is dealing with.
Please Donate to Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation
If all members of our Rotary Club donated just $250 to the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation, that Foundation would have $25,000 more to spend on charitable projects which are thoroughly considered and investigated by us as Rotarians. Some of us will donate more, some less, but please try to donate some amount you feel comfortable donating. It is easy, just go to our website by googling Rotary Van, see the section on the right, "Support Our Work" click on the "Donate to Rotary" button and follow the prompts." By doing so, as Rotary: We Can Make a Positive Difference in the World, including right here in Vancouver.
If your personal donation is made by December 31, 2017 a $100 donation, after the charitable tax credit received when you file your 2017 tax return, would only cost approximately $60. A $400 donation, only $240.
The origins of Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation reach back to December 23, 1950. It was visionary gifts from a few individuals combined with annual giving by numerous Rotarians and our supporters that changed the course of the Vancouver Rotary Club. Gifts from individuals like you continue to support the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation, which in turn provides the lion's share of annual expenditures of the Rotary Club of Vancouver in excess of $115,000 on charitable works, here in Vancouver and elsewhere in the world. The $115,000 is a significant piece of annual charitable expenditures, substantially in excess of $300,000, which are only made after thorough investigation by the Rotary Club's committees. The time and thought given by Rotarians to these expenditures allow us, as Rotarians, to ensure that the funds expended are effective in promoting education, health, hope and peace, thereby contributing to a better tomorrow.
Join them for a fun night of socializing at the Vancouver Christmas Market! Drink some gluhwein and check out the more than 75 huts of authentic, German sweets, treats, and treasures! Saturday, December 23 at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM. Click on the button below for more information and to let them know you're coming.


Membership Message from the President 

Rotary encourages diversity and inclusiveness in its membership. It is vital that our Club increase its membership from within different business and professional groups, taking into account the changing demographics, and business and professional make-up of Vancouver.

The Membership and PR Committees are committed to make this happen but we need the help of all members.

First: To reach out to and contact potential members from different business and professional backgrounds, we need to identify the personal contacts of our members in the following organizations plus any others you can think of:

1. BC Chamber of Commerce

2. Vancouver Board of Trade

3. Canadian Club

4. Association of Consulting Engineers

5. BC Technology Industry Association  (“BCTIA”)

6. Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters BC (CME BC)

7. Association of BC Forest Professionals

8. Canada China Business Council

9. Canada India Business Council

10. Canadian Council of Americas

11 Chartered Professional Accountants of BC (CPABC)

12. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC

13. BC Real Estate Association

14. Law Society of BC

15. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC

15. College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) 

16. The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Vancouver

17. Mining Association of BC

18. Mining Suppliers Association of BC

19. Association of Mineral Exploration BC

20. BC LNG Alliance

21. Indigenous Business and Investment Council BC

22. Business Council of BC

23. Corporate entities in BC involved with communities - Teck Resources, BC Hydro, Jim Pattison Group, Dilawari Group, Vancouver Port Trust, Kin’s Farm Market 

Second: Ideas (i.e names) of any other associations and organizations we should be considering for membership leads.

Third:  Where you can, please provide contact names with their emails in these organizations and inform us of your connections so that we can complete and update our mailing list for prospective membership recruitment.  Please let us know if contact details should only be used after consultation with you. 

It will be appreciated if your ideas with names and contact details could be sent to:

Madhu Toshniwal, Membership, PR and Strategy Committee member,, and to Carolyn,

Your assistance will add value to our strategy to increase our membership from various business and professional groups, including companies, government entities and not for profit associations and entities. 


Request for help received from Sweden - University student (daughter of the President of Göteborg- Säve Rotary Club) looking for internship in Social Work
Dear Rotarians,
My name is Astrid and I'm a student at Gothenburg University, Sweden. My mother is the president of a small Rotary club here in Gothenburg and since I'm aware of the range of people your network can reach I wanted to contact you in Vancouver in my search for an organisation where I can do my field work/internship at.
I study social work and have been doing so at university level for the past 4 semesters. This spring (2018) my field work semester starts, I am currently looking for an internship abroad and I found Vancouver as an interesting city to go to. I’ve worked a lot with people with disabilities and I’m currently working as a social worker with children in difficult family situations but I'm interested in any kind of social work.
The reason why I’m writing to you is to see if you by any chance know of any social work organisation where they are willing to take in a Swedish student as a field worker. I would be really happy if you in any way could help me find an organisation or give me some advice regarding social work in Vancouver. I've previously spent time in Canada, mainly in Montreal, studying french. I really loved the country and I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Vancouver.
I've attached my resume and a handbook from my University regarding what it means to have a Swedish university student as a field worker/intern.
Astrid Winther Olsson
Upcoming Events
please click on the titles to register and for more info for specific events
Food on the Corner
Jan 20, 2018 11:00 AM
Membership Committee Meeting
Franz's office
Jan 30, 2018
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
RCoV BoD Meeting
Feb 01, 2018 5:30 PM
RCoV Ski Weekend at Whistler
Feb 02, 2018 – Feb 04, 2018
Youth Committee Meeting
Terminal City Club
Feb 06, 2018
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Presidential Peacebuilding Conference 2018
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Feb 10, 2018
8:15 AM – 5:15 PM
RC of New Westminster 90th Anniversary
Inn at the Quay
Feb 11, 2018
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
International Service Committee Meeting
Feb 15, 2018 7:30 PM
Food on the Corner
Feb 17, 2018 11:00 AM
Hearing Committee
Terminal City Club
Feb 20, 2018 1:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Franz's office
Feb 27, 2018
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
RCoV BoD Meeting
Mar 01, 2018 5:30 PM


Warm welcome to RCoV's

If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 14 days of this notice, IOT Pay Technologies Inc. and its individual representative, Yiwei (Leo) Chen, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a Corporate Member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver with IOT Pay Technologies Inc.'s representatives being individual members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver recognized by Rotary International.
The classification that IOT Pay Technologies Inc. and its representatives will hold is "Technology - Payment Solutions".
Proposed by: Min Kuang
Seconded by: Angela Pan
If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 14 days of this notice, Cindy (Qiling) Chen, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a Member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and thereafter will be recognized by Rotary International as such member.
The classification that Cindy (Qiling) Chen will hold is "Investor - Stocks and Real Estate".
Proposed by: Franz Gehriger
Seconded by: Min Kuang
If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 14 days of this notice, Sharon You, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a Member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and thereafter will be recognized by Rotary International as such member.
The classification that Sharon You will hold is "Investor - Stocks and Real Estate".
Proposed by: Franz Gehriger
Seconded by: Min Kuang
If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 14 days of this notice,  Katherine Copeland, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a Member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and thereafter will be recognized by Rotary International as such member.
The classification that Katherine Copeland will hold is "Real Estate - Project Management".
Proposed by: Franz Gehriger
Seconded by: John Hayto
If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 14 days of this notice,  Kamyar Asadibeiky, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a Member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and thereafter will be recognized by Rotary International as such member.
The classification that Kamyar Asadibeiky will hold is "Technology - Services".
Proposed by: Min Kuang
Seconded by: Mass Abedi
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Functional Areas of Operation
We are attaching an organization chart, two pages, which sets out the current committee structure for the Rotary Club of Vancouver.  Any suggestions for additions, deletions or other changes are welcome.  Please inform Secretary Franco and President Phil.

Last Meeting December 5, 2017

President Phil Webber chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Stephanie Lawton accompanied on the piano for the singing of O Canada.
Jim Evans, Sergeant-at-Arms, introduced visitors and guests.
Chair's (Phil Webber's) announcements:
  • It is with a saddened heart that we announce the passing of Laura Startup, wife of Mark Startup and sister to Gordon Esau. Laura passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving family, November 28, 2017. Laura's career as a lawyer spanned 26 years and culminated as a law instructor at UBC and Capilano University. Predeceased by her father Robert, Laura is survived by her mother Helen; husband Mark; sons Jonathan and Alexander; daughter Olivia; brother Gordon (Janis) Esau; and sister Allison Esau. Please CLICK HERE to read Laura's Obituary notice from the Province.
  • As of November 22nd, Past-President Terry Miller became a member of the Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast, Sechelt. He is no longer a member of our Club - our loss, their gain. Terry will be missed but will undoubtedly be visiting us from time to time.
  • There will be a Director's Meeting immediately following the regular member meeting, Dec 5th, to consider four new member applications.
  • The RCoV Hearing Foundation Members' and Directors' AGM will be at Franz Gehriger's office at 1:30 after the regular member meeting, Dec 5th. 
  • Last Tuesday, November 28th, was Giving Tuesday. Our Club would like to recognize:
    • Stuart Bird who donated CDN$10,000 to the Rotary Club of Vancouver Hearing Foundation in September, in memory of and in honour of Don Waters.
    • The 2017 Oktoberfest that raised over CDN$12,000 for the Club's youth programs. Thanks to the generous auction donors and bidders and a special thanks to Wolfgang Deggeman and his company, Eurocan, for securing 65 registration tickets ($4875).
    • Rene Fluri who donated CDN$10,000 at the Foundation Dinner for the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
    • Four Paul Harris Fellows: Franz Gehriger, John Bathurst, John Hayto, Micheal Woolnough paid CDN$640 each at the Foundation Dinner to the Rotary Foundation thereby obtaining another PHF with points transferred for their credit from District 5040 worth approximately US$500.
  • Some have questioned whether one should donate to the Rotary Foundation to obtain a Paul Harris Fellow and whether doing so cheapens the honour bestowed by the Club in recognizing the service of an individual member through a Paul Harris Fellow award. I wish to say this in response to that feeling:

    All gifts to the Rotary Foundation enable Rotary's worldwide network of dedicated humanitarians to implement projects that address pressing needs in communities around the world. Because of these contributions:
    • Children are vaccinated against polio and other diseases;
    • Adults and children alike can learn to read and write and, in the case of a recent project by our Club, to cope with blindness;
    • Women are given microloans and vocational training that enable them to support themselves and their families in a healthy and dignified way;
    • Teachers and school children have access to toilet facilities and clean drinking water;
    • Scholars are able to study ways to prevent maternal and child mortality; 
    • Professionals from around the world convene to discuss strategies for resolving conflict and fostering peace.
  • Your contributions, as little as US$100 every year and less than thirty cents per day, enable Rotary to make an impact on individuals, families, and entire communities. I encourage each of you to execute on the slogan: Every Rotarian Every Year, no matter how small or large is your annual donation. Rather than depreciating the value of a Club Paul Harris Fellow award made to recognize the service of a member, by being an Every Rotarian Every Year subscriber, you support the value of Rotary Service and thus Paul Harris Fellow recognition however received. The tip of the hat, to a fellow member by an award for his or her Service, is just that, it is a token of our collective appreciation, the value of which is beyond measure.
Secretary's (acting), Joan Posivy, announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: no birthdays this week
  • member anniversaries: no anniversaries this week
  • wedding anniversaries: Charles & Lucille Flavelle 62 years (Dec 9th)
Special announcements; members' moments:
  • John Bathurst, Chair of the Nomination Committee reconfirmed those who are standing as candidates for the Director positions on the 2018-2019 Board. Verona Edelstein, originally whose name was also put forward announced that she is withdrawing. Verona expressed that the other names on the ballot are all fabulous choices and since she has already had a stint on the Board, albeit a few years ago, felt that it was right to step away and support the other candidates. John read out the candidates' statements that he had received (Franco & Ian).
  • John Hayto, announced that there will be no youth exchange student in 2018-19 because the applicant chosen has withdrawn at the last minute not giving enough time to locate an alternate. We will be back in the exchange student game for the 2019-2020 year and are currently looking to line up potential host families. If you or someone you know are interested please contact John Hayto. In the meantime, the short-term exchange program (STEP) is being promoted, as is the Adventure in Citizenship Program.
  • Member presentations:
    • Wolfgang Degemann received his Paul Harris Certificate
    • 4-Way Test Plaques were given to: Adriana Zylmans, Angus Campbell, Joan Posivy, Kim Lepp, Madhu Toshniwal, Mark Busse, Parisa Adrangi, Pierre Adjoury, Rob Thompson, and Ryan Crean.
  • Brian Street introducted Roger Killen of Tedx Talks, Stanley Park. Ted, born in Belfast immigrated to Canada in 1975. Since 2013 he has produced 50 live Vancouver Business Network Meetups and annual TEDx Stanley Park conferences. 

    Ted provided us with some background information about the origins of TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks and the subsequent expansion to also have TEDx Talks. The former is a huge 4-day conference with world class speakers, now held in Vancouver annually, at a current cost per seat of USD$8500. It is rumoured that the prices will be going up. The latter, TEDx, are smaller, local events that occur for a matter of hours or up to a day. They are held all over the world in venues from gymnasiums to theatres to University auditoriums. The quality of the speakers varies but are always of local talent and interests. The cost is affordable for most at no more than $100 per person and often less.

    Roger has offered Rotarians a deal for the 2018 TEDx conference in conujnction with the New Westminster Rotary Club. For every ticket purchased a donation will be made to Rotary from TEDx and for every 15 tickets purchased a free ticket will be made available. If you are interested in attending register by clicking the link below. Or, even better get together a group of 15 of your closest friends and Rotarians.


Meeting adjourned with a toast to new solutions for tough problems from new ideas.

January 12, 2018


Phil Webber, President   Franco Gallo, Secretary