Vol. 100 No. 31
Philip Webber, President
Franco Gallo, Secretary

Next meeting: Tuesday February 27, 2018
Ms. Katherine Dhanahi, US Consul General to Vancouver
A Diplomats View of Volunteerism

Katherine S. Dhanani is a career Foreign Service Officer.  Her most recent assignments were in the State Department’s Bureau of Human Resources and in the Bureau of African Affairs’ Office of Regional and Security Affairs.  Before returning to Washington in 2013, she served as Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, India. She moved in to her role as U.S. consul general to B.C. and Yukon in the fall of 2017.

Ms. Dhanani began her career working on western hemisphere issues, with tours as an Economic Officer in Georgetown, Guyana, on the Mexico desk, and in Mexico City, as well as in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere.

She also has served five assignments to Embassies in central and southern Africa, including tours as Deputy Chief of Mission in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Libreville, Gabon, and as section chief in Lusaka, Zambia, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Ms. Dhanani trained as an Economist at Kenyon College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and taught economics at Grinnell College before joining the Foreign Service.


Upcoming meeting: Tuesday March 6, 2018
Dr. Joost Schokkenbroek, Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum

Dr. Schokkenbroek began his museum career in 1988 at the Kendall Whaling Museum in Sharon, Massachusetts, USA. Since that time Dr. Schokkenbroek has been the Curator of Material Culture and Chief Curator at Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The Dutch National Maritime Museum). Since 2013 Dr. Schokkenbroek has held the position of chair of Maritime History and Maritime Heritage at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He was appointed Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum in the summer of 2017.


Upcoming meeting: Tuesday March 13, 2018
Dr. Kevin Milligan, Vancouver School of Business, UBC
Impacts of US corporate tax reduction on Canadian ecomony


District Spring Training

Spring Training will start next month with our first District Assembly & Grant Management Seminar. These events are not to be missed if you are new to Rotary and want to know what is in store for the year ahead and want to understand the multiplier effect of getting RI support by way of District or Global grants for Rotary Projects. Even experienced Rotarians will benefit from these two training seminars.
Your attendance fees will be reimbursed.
~ President Phil Webber
Lower Mainland/Vancouver: Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th
Saturday March 17, 2018, Metro Vancouver Assembly; CLICK HERE to register.
Sunday March 18, 2018 Metro Vancouver Grant Management Seminar; CLICK HERE to register.

Save the date - October 27, 2018
Registration info to come soon.

Upcoming Events
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Membership Pathway Seminar
Burnaby Community Hall
Mar 24, 2018
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Min's office
Mar 27, 2018
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Bike-a-thon Committee Meeting
TCC lunch room
Mar 27, 2018
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Community Service Committee Meeting
TCC (after lunch)
Mar 27, 2018
1:35 PM – 2:30 PM
Youth Committee Meeting
Terminal City Club
Apr 03, 2018
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Hearing Committee
Terminal City Club
Apr 17, 2018 1:30 PM
International Service Committee Meeting
Apr 19, 2018 7:30 PM
Food on the Corner
Apr 21, 2018 11:00 AM
Membership Committee Meeting
Min's office
Apr 24, 2018
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Bike-a-thon Committee Meeting
TCC lunch room
Apr 24, 2018
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Youth Committee Meeting
Terminal City Club
May 01, 2018
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
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Last Meeting February 20, 2018

Interactor Liaison, Joan Posivy chaired the meeting, the first joint meeting between the Rotaractors and RCoV, held at UBC.
President, Phil Webber, provided a welcome and gave the invocation.
O Canada was sung acapella.
After a buffet dinner of scrumptious sandwiches, salad, fruit & sweets, some key members from RCoV and from the Rotaractor Club & Young Professionals provided some information about projects they've been working on.
From Rotaractors:
  • Thomas Miller, current Vice-President of the Young Professionals and President-Elect, challenged everyone in the group to participate in at least one activity for one another (RCoV members -> Interactor activity AND Rotaractors -> RCoV activiity). We have a lot of information to share. He pointed out the the RCoV members have a lot of knowledge both professionally and as volunteers in Rotary that would be beneficial for the younger set to learn from. Likewise the Rotaractors and Young Professionals have a lot of energy, enthusiasm and perhaps a fresh outlook.
From RCoV:
  • John Bathurst, information about the youth programs including the scholarship program, youth exchange and leadership programs.
  • Blair Trenholme, information about the bike-a-thon. Looking forward to at least one Rotaract team registering to ride.
  • Gerry Glazier, information about the food on the corner. A similar program to some the Rotaractors are already supporting through the Salvation Army.
  • Verona Edelstein, information about projects the International Service Committee focus on.
  • Ralph Towsley, information about Rotary World Help. 
All RCoV committee heads are encouraged to contact the Rotaractors and Young Professionals to invite representatives to become members of their respective committees.
It was a great meeting - so much to talk and so little time. Definitely need another meeting set up to continue...
Meeting adjourned with a toast to ongoing cooperation and collaboration.

March 16, 2018


Phil Webber, President   Franco Gallo, Secretary