Vol. 101 No. 33
Brian Street, President
Joan Posivy, Secretary

Next meeting: Tuesday March 5, 2019
Ms. Kris Sims, Director, BC - Canadian Taxpayers
Merits of the Carbon Tax

Born in the town of Hope and raised on both sides of the Strait of Georgia, Kris has been employed (and taxed) since she was 12 years old, working in horse stables, fast food joints and gas stations before attending journalism school at BCIT in Burnaby.

Kris worked in radio in the Comox Valley before moving to Ottawa to work as a legislative assistant on Parliament Hill. She then joined Ottawa News Talk Radio 580 CFRA as a reporter and anchor, eventually becoming a journalist for the CTV parliamentary bureau.

Kris was a founding reporter for Sun News Network and proudly covered issues of big government, personal liberty and the rights of small-town and rural Canadians until SNN was shut down. She then worked as the director of communications for Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole, and as the senior producer for Evan Solomon at CFRA Radio. She is proud to return to her home of British Columbia to fight for the rights of all taxpayers.

(from The Daily Courier (web version), Dec. 3, 2019)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hails British Columbia’s carbon tax as a success. It’s not. It’s a warning, and the rest of Canada needs to learn from the West Coast’s mistake.

When Trudeau announced he was forcing a carbon tax on people who don’t want one, he cited B.C. as an example of a “successful” carbon tax.

He’s right about the tax part: the B.C. carbon tax has successfully taken billions of dollars out of our wallets for the sins of driving to work, buying groceries and heating our homes. If, however, carbon taxes are supposed to do things such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and stopping climate change, it’s been a lot less successful.


Upcoming meeting: Tuesday March 12, 2019
Dr. Peter German, QC, President, International Centre for Criminal Law Reform
Money Laundering & the Vancouver Model

Peter German is the principal of Peter German & Associates Inc., a company providing consulting services, investigative and strategic advice on administrative, civil and criminal justice matters; complex workplace matters; and executive leadership. Services have been provided to federal, provincial and municipal agencies, and to private industry.

Peter German, the former senior Mountie who wrote the book on money laundering in Canada, released his review of money laundering in Metro Vancouver casinos on June 27, 2018. German, a lawyer and former RCMP executive, was hired by Attorney-General David Eby in late 2017 to probe B.C. Lottery casinos, after an audit revealed that about $13.5 million in $20 bills was accepted at Great Canadian’s River Rock Casino in July 2015.


Upcoming meeting: Tuesday March 19, 2019
Club Day!!


2019 District 5040 Conference
May 3 - 5, 2019

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Upcoming Events
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Membership Committee Meeting
Swissreal offices (Franz)
Mar 26, 2019
Investment Club
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Mar 28, 2019 6:00 PM
Youth Committee Meeting
Terminal City Club
Apr 02, 2019 11:00 AM
Networking & Vocational Service Committee
Navid's office
Apr 04, 2019
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Food on the Corner
Apr 20, 2019 11:00 AM
Investment Club
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Apr 25, 2019 6:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Swissreal offices (Franz)
Apr 30, 2019
Networking & Vocational Service Committee
Navid's office
May 02, 2019
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Youth Committee Meeting
Terminal City Club
May 07, 2019 11:00 AM
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Last Meeting February 26, 2019

President, Brian Street chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Kayo Otake accompanied us on the piano for the singing of O Canada.
Joe Lopushinsky, Sergeant-at-Arms, introduced visitors and guests.
President's Announcements:
  • The Foundation Dinner, Saturday March 9th: so far we have only 15 people registered to attend from our Club. If we can get a few more, it would be nice to have a Club table. The ticket price goes up to $70 per person (from $60) effective today February 26th. There will be appetizers served at 6:00 p.m. to go along with the drinks from the bar. Our own John & Cindy Hayto will be bartending to add a flair and entertainment no doubt. The dinner will be buffet style with a mix of Indian and Canadian choices. There will be entertainment from diverse cultures. There will be both silent and live auctions with Paul Martin has agreed to be auctioneer. 
  • Note that the District has made special arrangements for a limited time for Paul Harris awards: for USD$500 donation it will receive matching point from the District so people can get started on their Paul Harris journey more easily.
  • Most importantly, this is the one fundraiser that allows our District to make meaningful contributions to the Rotary Foundation and hence allows us to receive fund from RI 3 years from now to enable our District and our Club to do more projects.
  • Assistant District Governor John Bathurst has asked for a Club contribution to the Foundation Dinner. He noted in the past we've donated a gift basket. My [Brian's] idea is to perhaps offer a gift basket that represents our Club and our Members by including products and services from our various businesses. We need to know by Friday if you can contribute anything so that it gets into the event program. 
  • Blair Trenholme has offered as follow-up to his presentation last week, to make copies of the Off the Edge movie for those interested. He asks, in return, for a donation to the Rotary initiative of your choice. Forms were available on the tables, or you can contact Carolyn to make an order.
  • Rene Fluri will be speaking at an upcoming meeting about his fabulous coffee table book chronicling his journey with his bakery. Stay tuned for more about this.
  • Note: if you would like to go back and see any of our meetings you can view them on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel so we can build our supporters. CLICK HERE
Joan Posivy, provided the Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: Pam Stewart Feb27
  • member anniversaries: John Hayto 25 years, Rene Abi-Rached 27 years, John Richardson 32 years, John Wiggins 32 years, Bill Schulz 36 years
  • wedding anniversaries: none this week
Today we celebrate our members. A few are prepared to make short presentations:
  • Mark Zhou, who joined our Club on October 20, 2018 made a New Member Introduction presentation. Mark originates from Ontario. He came out west to attend UBC and was hooked. He did return home briefly when he finished his pharmacology degree but couldn't wait to return and has been here ever since. Where else can one ski, and go to the beach on the same day?

    Mark is a pharmacist by trade, however, he has found happiness now as a consultant for independent pharmacies. 

    He found exactly what he was looking for in terms of philanthropy and volunteering with Rotary. This he discovered while on an international clinic volunteer trip and he saw first hand the long-lasting impact Rotary initiatives can have on communities in need. He has a partnership whereby for every vaccination given locally, a polio vaccine is donated.

    Mark is looking forward to learning more about our Rotary initiatives both locally and internationally so he can be involved and contribute what he can.
  • Sandra Lowe spoke about her most recent volunteer trip with HHART 13 to the Dominican Republic. This is Sandra's 8th trip with HHART. She provided a run-down on A day in life of a HHART volunteer on-site. CLICK HERE to view Sandra's photos from her trip. Contact her if you'd like more information about her trip or about HHART.
  • Our Club's Networking and Vocational Services committee is starting a new program for us to get to know one another's businesses and our individual areas of expertise. This is the Expert Moments program. Justin Emilio is the first to showcase his area of expertise as a mortgage broker. His chosen topic was Interest rates & why they should keep falling in 2019. CLICK HERE to view Justin's Powerpoint presentation. Contact Justin if you'd like to ask questions or gather more information about his topic.
  • Mark Zhou stepped up to the mic once again, this time to provide his Expert Moments presentation. Mark's chosen topic was Point of Care Testing. CLICK HERE to view Mark's powerpoint presentation. Contact Mark if you'd like to ask any questions or gather more information about his topic.
  • Phil Webber provided a short update on the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation. For the 1st 1/2 of this fiscal year (July-December 2018), the donations to the VRC Foundation totalled $281,242. This may seem like quite a lot but when broken down the numbers show a large decrease in donations.
    • $263,242 was donated by Don Kavanagh's estate as directed funds for youth programs
    • $12,000 was donated by Koerner Fund
    • leaving approx. $6,000 of which nearly $3,000 was donated by Charles Flavelle
  • The VRC Foundation is used to fund most of the Club's programs. Without substantial donations to it, we will be limited in the scope of what we can fund. All members are encouraged to donate, even a little helps, to the VRC Foundation. You can go to the website to donate, CLICK HERE.
  • Wolfgang Degemann shared a Vancouver Sun article dated January 25, 2019, Dix Loses Another Round in Clash Over Private Clinics. Wolfgang is extremely passionate about supporting private clinics. His note that went with the article he shared reads, "Hello Fellow Rotarians. Wolfgang's daughter Maryanne would be dead, from breast cancer, if not for the immediate work done by Dr. Brian Day's Associates at a Private Medical Clinic." It is obviously a topic very close to his heart. See the links below for further information or contact Wolfgang directly.
    • Vancouver Sun, "Ian Mulgrew: Dix loses another round to private clinics, accused of ignoring court order" updated January 25, 2019, CLICK HERE
    • Vancouver Sun Facebook post, CLICK HERE
    • RC of Vancouver YouTube recording of Brian Day's presentation, CLICK HERE
    • Dr. Brian Day's official website. Option to donate to help support the fight is available on this site. CLICK HERE
Meeting adjourned with a toast to a vibrant and productive Rotary Club.

March 15, 2019


Brian Street, President   Joan Posivy, Secretary