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Jan 31, 2018
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e komo mai! please join us!


We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Leilehua Golf Course Clubhouse
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 Today's speaker was our own and friend of RCMS, Colin Brede, husband to member Jodie Brede. Colin reported on the "Coordinated and Collaborative Responses to Terrorism and Mass Violence Crimes" training that was conducted in conjunction with the Federal government (FBI), State of Hawaii, and many segments/businesses of our lives (hotel industry, airport, crisis responders, etc). Because of the acts of terrorism or mass violence that have taken place (like Sandy Hook, the LV mass shooting,the Texas church shooting, etc), Colin informed us what the crisis responders must do to help the many victims, survivors, families, and affected communities.
     1.  Board meeting - Monday, January 8, 6:30 pm at Waipio Goodyear Tire                   Service Center. Everyone is welcome to attend.
     2.  Next meeting speaker - Dexter continuation of Club Foundation.
          We will need everyone's input.
Our interesting and interactive Guest Speaker, this morning, was MAKANA RISSER CHAI. She is a lawyer with a specialty in Sexual Harassment. (We will see her in Feb. for this topic). 20 years ago she changed her life and became a Stress & Wellness Consultant who teaches yoga, Pilates, meditation and is motivational speaker on MINDFUL MULTITASKING. (How to exercise your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit while doing other things).She has written a book and you can check out her website for fascinating information.
Some ways to Exercise your parts while doing other things include:
BODY - PHYSICAL: Breathe. 3 full long breaths can relax you, lowers your blood pressure and reduce stress. Make your car a "sanctuary" where you listen to audio books, sing, hear nice music or uplifting messages. Hold good posture as much as possible, this helps the entire core, back, spine, lungs and heart.
MIND - MENTAL:  "Don't worry, be happy" To do this change your mind to GRATITUDE and look for three (3) things, every day, that you are grateful for - not including the usual health and family.
HEART - EMOTIONAL:  SMILE. Even a fake smile, gets our hormones pumping, as we smile, even at things we don't like to do.
SPIRITUAL - INSPIRATIONAL:  Have faith in something greater than your self. See life with AWE...and you will say AHHHHH  !!!!!.
RESULTS OF KEIKI VISION:  (Thank you, Dexter).
We screened 372 out of 496. The decrease is due to parents having students tested at doctors or papers not coming back with permission. Nearsightedness appears to be on the increase. Games ? Screens? Computers? Doreen Higa suggested we share this information with the schools so that may report it as "trending" to DOH, if they wish.
Dec. 9 & 10   - Bell Ringing with Interactors at Walmart. June has sign up.
Dec. 13  Rotary Meeting is SANTA's WORKSHOP. We are making GOODIE BAGS for the IHS homeless. Bring your toiletries and gifts and have some fun with us.
Dec. 17  IHS Feed the Homeless and pass out gifts and goodie bags
Dec. 20  Rotary Christmas Party. Our Guest Speaker is COLIN BREDE on GENEALOGY. WE will have a party after his talk. Wear your Christmas attire.
Jan.  6  Interact Garage Sale.  Bring goodies to sell to any meeting.
Jan. 22 Foundation Seminar 4 - 6 pm. Contact Yolette
Jan. 27 District Foundation Dinner 5;30 pm Jade Dynasty, Ala Moana  $50
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians and Friends,
This mornings' Guest Speaker was another accomplished Kendo student, is also a Patent Examiner who works for the Gov't. in the US Patent Office. Congress passed the law in 18-2, protecting inventors and creators. A TRADEMARK is the look and  feel of an item, a PATENT is the idea of how to make/produce something. An item gets either a patent # or "patent pending". What  Cathleen does is to examine the items, answering the question "Has this been done before?". If not and a patent is granted, it gives the inventor the right to exclude others from recreating or using without permission. The Federal Gov't  provides protection and the public gets access.
TYPES:                                with laws governing each.
 Design (fashion, purses)
 UTILITY (how it works and it's usefulness ( cars, computers, amazon)
 Plant (orchids, papaya)
TRADE SECRETS: Company or individual keeps formula. If inventor dies and there is no patent, the product can no longer be made (LUCITE)
Dec. 2 Christmas Parade      SEE LAST WEEK'S " CORNER" FOR ALL THE DETAILS
Dec. 9 & 10 Bell Ringing Walmart - sign up with June.
Dec. 13  Santa's Workshop Meeting - bring your toiletries to make Goodie Bags of the homeless
Dec. 17  IHS Feed the homeless
Dec. 20  Rotary Christmas party and COLIN BREDE, Guest Speaker on GENEALOGY.
Next Week Guest Speaker: Dec. 6 - Makana Chai - MULTI-TASKING WITH EXERCISE
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians and friends,
First of all, Thank You, June for making the wonderful Chocolate Turkeys found at everyone's place. It was heartwarming going around the room and hearing what each Rotarians is thankful for. We are all very Blessed.
Phil Sammer, Foundation Chair, presented a wonderful power point of what the Foundation is all about. A great learning experience for many of us. The main goal of the Foundation is to provide money for Rotary to do it's projects. We do these projects Internationally Polio Plus, Hemodialysis< Rotoplast, Clean Water), within our country (Grants & Scholarships) and in our own neighborhoods and towns. (Dicitionaries, Literacy Joint Projects).
POLIO PLUS:  only three places in the world still have Polio. We had only 16 cases in all, but must be free of the disease for 3 years before it is considered eradicated. Global projects need local sponsors, so we work with and educated local Rotarians and local governments to continue after we have left the area. (Clean & working Water Wells.) Bill & Melinda Gates have donated millions to this cause and match our giving 2:1.
ANNUAL PROGRAM FUND: this money is ours and comes back to us in 3 years for our own approved (by RI) projects - such as Dictionaries.
ENDOWMENT FUND: This money is never spent but used to build the $$$ base. Some of the interest is divided and given to the clubs.
The CHARITABLE NAVIGATOR rates the Rotary Foundation at 97.87% because we are financially stable, and have great accountability and transparency.
THANK YOU to all who helped with the Mililani Book Sale.  $1437 was raised.
Nov. 29 - last Keiki Vision @ Waena
Dec.  1 - Dictionaries - Mililani UKA -Katrina
Dec.  8     "      "        - Mililani Waena
Dec. 19    "       '        -  Kipapa
Dec. 20   "        '        -  Mililani Mauka  (Need HELP on this one)
Dec. 2 Mililani Christmas Parade. Line up at MHS stadium at 7:00. parade proceeds past Mililani Shopping Center and down to Mililani Town Center. We are giving out pencils
Dec. 9 & 10  Bell Ringing in front of Walmart with Interactors  Sign up with June.
Dec  13  Rotary SANTA'S Workshop, putting together good bags for the homeless. BRING YOUR TOILETRIES TO ANY MEETING BY SURELY ON DEC. 13
Dec. 17  IHS Feed the Homeless
Dec. 20  Rotary CHRISTMAS PARTY meeting with fun and Guest Speaker COLIN BREDE on Genealogy.
Feb. 24  Saturday, HRYF Interviews for Mililani HS seniors. If you wish to be on the new 5-man panel, please notify Linda. First come, first served.
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians and Friends,
We had a great guest speaker this am, who is a young friend of Iwao, a 6th degree black belt in Kendo (7th is the highest) and a fine  lawyer. He spoke to us on  DIVORCE AND CUSTODY LAW.  For each divorce in a family, many people are impacted. We must consider marriage as a contract (offer, acceptance, consideration) and carries with it rights and obligations. The termination of such a contract and the dividing of the property is decided by the parties, or by a judge.Two exceptions apply. 1. If there is a pre-marital agreement and 2. Inheritance specifically stated to only one of the parties. Note that any increase in value during the marriage, is earned income in the marriage and the spouse gets half of that.
Nov.  18, This Saturday, Library Book Sale. Set-up 7:15 - 9:00 am Clean-up 2:00 - 3:30 pm.  WE NEED LOTS OF HELP !!!!
Nov.  29   Last Keiki Vision @ Mililani Waena
Dec. 1  Mililani Uka - Kat
Dec.  8  Mililani Waena  1:00 pm   need helpers
Dec. 19 Kipapa Elem.
BELL RINGING @ Walmart -  Dec. 9 & 10  3 hour shifts. Sign up with June
Dec. 13  Rotary meeting is SANTA'S WORKSHOP where we will be making goodie bags for the homeless - bring your saved toiletries anytime beforehand.
Dec. 17  Feed the Homeless at IHS and pass out goodie bags.
Dec. 20  Rotary Christmas party and special guest speaker COLIN BREDE on GENEALOGY and HAWAIIANA
Feb. 16 - 18  Mililani HS Carnival. We will be with Interactors serving Portuguese Bean Soup, baked goods, homemade crafts / pictures.
Feb. 24  HRYF Scholarship Interviews. 8 - 3 pm We will be using only 5 panel members in a new format, so if you are interested, first come, first served.
Next Week Guest Speaker:  Phil Sammer on RI FOUNDATION.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who may not make next Wed. meeting
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians and Friends.
*  Our guest speaker this morning was Dexter Yee (our very own) who spoke on CLUB FOUNDATION  and stated when elections for officers would be held.
*  Interact raise over $620 for UNICEF. Thank You, to all who contributed.
*  Interact raised $232 at their Garage Sale on Saturday and will hold another in January. It was a great learning experience for them.
*  November is FOUNDATION month and we are at 41% of our goal.
*  RYLA Camp is over Thanksgiving Weekend and we are sending two Interactors.
* The MHS Carnival will be held over President's Day weekend in Feb. and we will assist the Interactors in selling Portuguese Bean Soup, baked good, hand-crafted items and pictures.
*  HRYF Interviews will be held February 24 in 2018. A new format will be used. More to follow.
    Nov.  15  Kipapa Elem.
    Nov.  29  Waena
VETERAN'S DAY PARADE - Saturday, Nov. 11. Meet at 9 am @ Kaala School, California Ave in Wahiawa, parade starts at 10:00 am and ends at Long's Drug parking lot. WE are giving out pencils.
MILILANI LIBRARY BOOK SALE - Saturday, Nov. 18  set-up 7:15 - 9 and clean-up 2 - 3:30pm.
Dec.   1  - Friday, MILILANI UKA - Kat will  distribute and provide information
Dec.   8  - Friday, MILILANI WAENA @  1:00 pm   any volunteers ???????????
Dec.  19 - Tuesday - KIPAPA @ 1:10  any volunteers ???????????
Dec. 9 & 10  in front of WALMART
Dec.  13  Santa's Workshop to put together Good Bags for the IHS Homeless
Dec.  16  Feed the Homeless at IHS
Dec.  20  RCMS Christmas Event at the meeting and  Guest Speaker COLIN BREDE on Genealogy
NEXT WEEK GUEST SPEAKER :  Seth Harris "Divorce and Custody Law"
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians,
We are coming down on the close of a busy but productive month. We only had one meeting at the club but two very successful days at the Mililani Middle School as part of Career Day. The Joint Club meeting at Waikele Golf Course was wonderful, as the Polynesian Voyaging Society shared their stories and video of their "Around-The-World" Voyage.
November is packed full of great speakers, beginning with Dr. Marvin Acklin on Nov. 1. Lots of activates include:
Trunk & Treat @ Mililani YMCA - Saturday evening
 Interact Garage Sale @ MHS (11/4)   bring your items to see to this week's meeting
 Veteran's Day parade (11/11),
 Mililani Library Book Sale (11/18)
 RYLA Camp for Interactors (11/24-26)
KEIKI VISION is in full swing and will be completed this month - and we need your help:
Nov. 1 - Mililani IKE
        8 - Hanalani (+ Dictionaries)
       15 - Kipapa Elementary
       29 - Mililani Waena
Dictionaries will be distributed ( we need your help on this also - just 30 minutes of your time) Let me know if you can help
Nov. 13 - Mililani IKE
Dec. 19 - Kipapa Elem.
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Halloween ! See you in November.
Linda C.
Today we had a most interesting and moving event at the Waikele Country Club, a Joint Meeting  of the North Central Rotary Clubs. The outstanding guest speakers were members of Hawaii's own Polynesian Voyaging Society. The topic was their trip around the world on the Hawaiian Voyaging Canoes HOKULE'A and HIKI'ANALIA, using only the stars, birds, ocean and methods that our Hawaiian ancestors used. They were gone over 3 years, traveled thousands of miles in all sorts of conditions and changed crews about every 30 days.
This amazing feat took them to the south pacific islands,Tahiti, Australia,Bali, New Zealand, Galapagos, Africa, the east coast of the USA, through the Panama Canal, just to name a few. What was so heartwarming about this journey is that they visited the First Nation People, and indigenous tribes all along the way, and shared gifts, song, dance food and information on sustainability and culture. they educated and were educated, as depicted in a colorful 30 minutes video which mapped their trip.
We witnessed them catching fish from the ocean and enjoying  a "five star meal". The challenges, such as avoiding an area because of pirates, but instead, encountering foul weather and high seas and mean currents. The exchange of song, dance, gifts all in colorful native garb brought home the joy of knowing "we are all one".
These educational and ambassadorial expeditions are funded primarily through donations and we are proud to say that the main sponsor is HAWAIIAN AIRLINES, transporting people, and supplies, as needed. It is truely a
 group effort of PEACE abd GOOD WILL.
Linda C.
RCMS Meeting - October 11, 2017
Speaker: Alan Aranaydo, Director of the MOA Wellness Center.
The MOA Wellness Center, together with the UH Dept of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, works on alleviating symptoms of illness by considering the participant as a whole person. Alan said a major part of wellness in our diet and MOA will help nutritional guidance together with universal healing.
Alan also shared with us Hawaiian Legacy Tree program where trees can be purchased to restore Hawaii's koa forests and also honor an individual, commemorate an event, or memorialize a loved one.
Upcoming RCMS events:
    1) IHS-October 15
    2) Joint meeting - Oct 20 (No meeting Oct 18)
                Waikele Golf Course (change in venue)
                $20 (pay to Paul)
                 Speaker: Bob Perkins from Polynesian Voyaging Society
     3) Mililani Middle Career Fair - Oct 25 (no meeting at Leilehua GC)
     4) Keiki Vision - Nov 1  at Mililani Ike after RCMS meeting
     5) Interact Garage Sale - Nov 4 - bring donation to sell, porfits to Polio Plus
     6) Board meeting - Nov 6
     7) Veteran's Day Parade - Nov 11 meet 8:00am Kaala School in Wahiawa
Aloha Rotarians and Friends,
We had a great guest speaker today, Keanu Young,  Assistant Coordinator of the Public Access Room at the State capitol. It was an interesting learning experience with some points many of us may not have known:
* It is a division of the Legislature that is open to the public 8 - 4:40 year round, and has 6 public computers and people there to assist you with searches. You can sign up for Hearing Notices.
* It is part of the Literacy, Research, Systems and Information, and Legislative Information branch that has been around for 27 years
* It won a National Award in 2012 for the best website, nationally, and is one of the only Full Service Resource Centers in the country.
* The Public Access Room is funded by taxpayers and there is no cost to use it.
* It assists the public to better understanding of Advocacy, Policy Issues and much more information about the Legislature and its dynamics.
* The Website has won awards and has lots of information, such as newsletters that go back 10 years, a Testimony Template (YES you can do it online, or via video) and has a great "kid friendly" component  that teaches kids
     in a fun, age=appropriate way.
*Advocacy is intended to all Hawaii rural areas and neighbor islands with workshops - assist them in getting involved.
* The City Council is in session most of the years but the legislature only a fraction of that; therefore over 3000 bills are introduced at the beginning - so talk to your legislators before session begins.
CAR WASH:  We did really well - report will be forthcoming.
FOUNDATION GIVING:  we are about 1/3 of the way to goal except for Polio Plus at 58 %.
HAWAII USA WRITING WORKSHOP: James is till looking for readers for Sat. Sept 30 to critique student's essays.
Nov.  1 - Mililani IKE
Nov.  8 - Hanalani (Keiki Vision + Dictionaries for 41 students)
Nov.  15 - Kipapa Elementary
Nov.  29 - Mililani Waena                                                       and then we are don for the year - 525 students in 6 schools.
an important note about OCTOBER
OCT   4  - Mililani Middle School Career Day - this counts as a meeting
Oct   11 - Guest Speaker - Alan Aranaydo, Hawaiian Legacy Tree Program
Oct.  18 - no meeting
Oct.  20 - FRIDAY - Joint Meeting @ Pearl Harbor Club. Bob Perkins of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Capt. of Ho'kulea & Hikianalia, and Leadership Crew Training.. $20. contact June if you would like to attend.
Oct.  25 - Mililani Middle School, Career Day - no meeting at the club.
This is a busy and interesting fall, and stay tuned for at least two social events coming up as we get closer to the end of this calendar year !!!
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians,
What a powerful, interesting and informative Guest Speaker we had today, in Dr. Arnold Laanui, Special Agent FBI.  He spoke on his "Risk Genome Project"  which reach has led him to ask " Where does BAD come from?" The FBI has an ADOPT A SCHOOL program, which at present is focusing on Waipahu HS.  They have the highest number of HPD calls (over 300) and 50 % of the juvenile crime in the state.  He has  researched the signs of dropout, problems associated with it, 50 % decline in HS graduation and many problems with these students.
Breaking the cycle offers 9th and 10th graders education and training on problems of apathy, truancy, poor behavior and teaches these students (who are often, ESL, transient, and have done time in juvenile detention, FBI  physical training, productivity, citizenship, decision making and  other important life skills, in conjunction with DOE standards, FBI Training and the Harvard 21 College of Ed Program.
The results are amazing at over 50% performance and graduation rate increase and lower incidents of problems and HPD calls.
* Ten days left of visit Foodland for the GIVE ALOHA program. Give receipts to Mel.
*  There will only be ONE meeting at the club in October.(11th). The 4th & 25th we are at Mililani Middle school and Oct 18 we are dark in preparation for OCT 20 joint Rotary meeting with Pearl harbor. (Ho'kulea Society).
*  James still needs readers to assist in the USA writing Project. Saturday, Sept 30th.
NEXT WEEK GUEST  SPEAKER:  Keanu Young, Public Access Room  + KEIKI VISION - Mililani Mauka  (125 students).
FUNDRAISER CAR WASH - this SATURDAY, SEPT. 23. Mililani YMCA. Two shifts. Bring  ladders & chamois Lunch will be available by the YMCA teens. Wear your new vests.
Linda C. 
Aloha Rotarians,
This morning we had a fun, vibrant and accomplished business meeting with many good ideas to move us forward.
*  All members passed the YOUTH PROTECTION Program.
*  We are a GO for working with several other Rotary Clubs in our area, to paint the outside of Tripler FISHER HOUSE. Wendell is coordinating and we are aiming for November. Details to follow
*  Interact numbers are GREAT this year with 60+ new and 50+ former members. Very active group. June & James attend their meetings. 
*  Interact plans a GARAGE SALE which we will assist and support (SAVE YOUR ITEMS) Wendell will collect at meeting and drop off at MHS in Vanessa's room. Date to be determined.Proceeds to POLIO PLUS.
*  Interactors love to march in parades, so we will support them in the November Veterans' Day Parade AND the Mililani Christmas Parade.
*  Interact kids will help us with our CAR WASH.
*  James needs readers for the Hawaii USA workshop on Sat. SEpt 30 and will email us on what to look for to critique.
*  Tree-planting was discussed. Several options on the table.
*  POLIO PLUS: "Bike So They Can Walk" - several was than this can be done. ( MTA, a park< MHS) Wendell will follow up.
*  BOARD of DIRECTOR"S Meeting. Suggest we do it at one of the regular meetings with the BOARD staying afterward for voting. Discussion.
*  Mililani Library raised $2,230 at Saturday's sale. Thanks to all who helped. Next one isNov. 18.
*  Donations for Hurricane recovery can be made through Rotary. Check District and  RI website for information.
*  INTERNATIONAL - we are assisting Honolulu Sunrise with Dialysis equipment, Fetal Monitors etc for rural Thailand.
September is GIVE ALOHA at Foodland. They will add 20% to your donation. Give receipts to Mel.
September   20 - Keiki Vision - Mililani Uka
      "           27 -  Keiki Vision - Mililani Mauka
      "           23 - CAR WASH - Mililani YMCA. Pay Paul for tickets. Bring ladders and buckets. Interactors assist, food will be sold. Tickets from Wendell. 10 each member. 
      "           22 - Kipapa FUN FAIR - if you are willing to assist or chaperone - let June know.
October   4   Mililani Middle School Career Day - regular meeting will be here. Linda Y. looking for speakers.
    "        25   Mililani Middle School Career Day - we are dark.                          "                "
             20   Joint Meeting with Pearl Ridge - Ho'kulea Guest Speaker ????  $25
     "        7   District Assembly "Membership & Leadership". Sign up through June.
November  1  Keiki Vision - Mililani Ike
      "        15 Keiki Vision -  Kipapa
               18  Mililani Library  Book Sale (last of the year).
GUEST SPEAKER: next week - Dr. Arnold laanui, Special Agent FBI
Linda Conboy 
Aloha Rotarians,
It was a great turnout this morning and a very productive day. Due to a Guest Speaker mix up, we found ourselves without one and President June utilized the time to have discussion on some issues pending:
There is $1500 in collected cash from our July School Supply Drive.
After discussion and several options the group voted on Linda Yoshikami taking the principals shopping with $1,000 to be spent by Kipapa Elementary school and $500 to be spent by Mililani Waena. This money is to be used for school supplies.
Wendell led a discussion on out participation with the Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor (and other clubs from our area), to paint the outside of one of Tripler Army Medical Center's FISHER HOUSE. We have a show of interest and await more details on when and how this will be carried out.
James needs help with Hawaii USA Writing Workshop, Saturday, Sept. 30. Rotarians are needed to critique student's essays.
It was Wendell's birthday yesterday, and he donated $100, IF we sang home Happy Birthday, which we did. Paul matched him another $100 for Claudia's (Mrs... Nakachi) birthday tomorrow.
Saturday,   Sept.  9  - Mililani Library Book Sale. Set-up at 7:15am, clean-up at 2:30 pm
Foodland GIVE ALOHA Campaign is on at Foodland through the month of September. They add an additional 20% to our in-store donation.
Sept. 23 - Car Wash at Mililani YMCA - 10 tickets for each of us to sell (or buy).
Sept 20 Keiki Vision - Mililani UKA
Sept 27 Keiki Vision Mililani Mauka
October   4 & 25   Mililani Middle School career Day. WE need speakers. Can you help ?
October   7  Rotary Grants & Foundation Seminar - Chaminade U. $10 - paid by the club.  8 am - 10:30 + lunch
Board of Director's Meeting, Sept 11 - @ Derek's place - change due to Labor Day Holiday.
Keiki Vision Dates:
Sept.  20  - Mililani Uka
Sept.  27 - Mililani  Mauka
Nov.    1    Mililani Ike
Sept 9 - Mililani Book Sale
Sept  23  Car Wash Fundraiser - Mililani YMCA
Sept  11 BOD meeting, moved due to Labor Day
Welcome to our newest member ADAM MORRIS with Bank of Hawaii, North/Central area. He was inducted this morning, by June & Wendell (PE) and welcomed by all present.
District Citation applications circulated. WE have many of the items completed or ready to.
Guest Speaker:  LIZA LEE from the ALZHEIMER Association.
She shared the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia, the symptoms, progression of disease, causes of death,  and support for caregivers. There are over 2,700 cases in Hawaii, and that is only those that are diagnosed. for 24% it is their primary diagnosis.  It is one of the top 10 killers in the USA and cost for care in a facility can run between $8,000 & $10,000 monthly. The association is available for classes and help for caregivers, help with social services and needs such a recommendations for lawyers, and a hot line for immediate support. It can be a long and very tiring progression, which can take it's toll on the caregivers., The association helps with preparation, support, coping skills,  and much more. 
Check out their website.
NEXT WEEK:  Guest Speaker  -  Arnold Laanui, Special Agent FBI to speak to us about a children's program they support / sponsor.
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians,
This morning's guest speaker was a bright, young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable Rotarian, JOSH LAGUANA, who is a charter member of the new Pearl Harbor / Hickam Rotary club. He is quite compute savvy and shared a wonderful and informative presentation on CLUB RUNNER.  It is our site which connects us to all other clubs in the District, as well as nationally and internationally. It is a secure site with filters for spam and virus and Josh showed us how it can be used.
It offers registration, attendance, personal profiles, club events, club history, communication via E-Bulletin and much more. Via a Power Point presentation he showed us how to do the various tasks and shared possibilities for having everything in one place.
*  Youth Protections Forms: if you have not submitted this, please contact June ASAP. We need to have this done before Keiki Vision starts.
*  WE have $500 in our Foundations account and EREY has been reduced to $25 / year, so that everyone can now easily contribute
* June and James will attned Sept 6 and 11 Interact meetings and talk about the CARNIVAL (we will assist), possible GARAGE SALE ( we can assist and start saving items), and RYLA Camp at Waianae Army Camp on Thanksgiving weekend.
* CAR WASH TICKETS: Contact Wendell if you did not get your 10 or if you need more.
August 31 -  Sign waving in front of Mililani HS - breakfast afterward (if you would like to ) at Zippy's
September   9 - Mililani Library Book Sale
      "           20 - Keiki Vision -  Mililani Uka
      "           27 -         "            Mililani Mauka
October  7  - Membership ^ Foundation Grants Seminar 7;30 - 12:30 pm Chaminade - $10 paid by club
November   1   Keiki Vision - Mililani Ike
NEXT WEEK' s SPEAKER:  Lisa Lee from Alzheimer's Assn.
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians,
It was a GRAND morning at our regular club meeting. OUR FIRST HAWAIIAN DISTRICT GOVERNOR and our FIRST HAWAIIAN GLOBAL SCHOLAR. Nalani Flinn, DG, shared a heartwarming and motivating story of her life and how she became involved with Rotary and why she stays. Her mission is to be a role model to transform lives in the Waianae area, where she lives. She is focused on the 2020 National Rotary Convention, which will take place here in Waikiki, and urges us to bring in at least one new member to share our SERVICE ABOVE SELF, social, and successes of our clubs, as we work in our communities and in the world. IMUA (move forward). When you see a canoe of six people, ready to start to paddle, paddles are up and the call is made: IMUA - move forward. And that is what we must do in our clubs.
Her Bide Ride Project is called RIDE, SO OTHER CAN WALK: it raises money for Polio Plus.
Nalani was accompanied by Doreen Higa, AG, and Sandy her Secretary. WE had a full house with most of our Rotarians and friends in attendance. Welcome back, Kurt Rhoney !. Nalani inducted JANE LAWTON back into the club.
Kiara Kealoha, our Global Scholar, was introduced. She is off to London to study Environmental Science, Political and Environment. She is passionate about protecting and revitalizing earth's natural resources. and has served as the Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator for Hawaii Green Growth, a public-private partnership that is advancing Hawaii's 2030 sustainability mandate.. She is a graduate of Kamehameha School and Harvard.
*  Please fill out your YOUTH PROTECTION background check form, before Keiki Vision starts.
*  Ten Car Wash tickets were distributed to all, today. Sept.23 from 9 - 2 pm at the Mililani YMCA.
*  IHS dinner to FEED THE HOMELESS - Sunday, August 20. email Dexter if you can attend.
SEE OUR WEBSITE   August 9th CONBOY"S CORNER for more reminders.
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians !
Congratulations to Cherise Antoque-Tilton and her family, on the birth of their fourth daughter. Mom looks great when Michael and I saw her last week.
Jane Lawton will be reinstalled next Wednesday, as our District Governor, Nalani Flinn, visits our club.
* 8/12  Rotary Evnet at MARCO POLO to support the residents with fun, social, food, games and entertainment.1:00 pm set-up, event 3 - 6 pm. RSVP to June, if you can make it.
* 8/20  IHS Feed the Homeless. Please email Dexter, if you can make it.
* 8/31  Mililani Police Dept. Safety Sign Waving. 8:00 - 8:45 in front of Mililani HS. Annual Safety campaign for Back-to-School
* 9/9   Mililani Book Sale. 7 am set-up, 2:30 pm close-up. We need your help as Library is still under construction.
* 9/20 Wednesday after meeting... First KEIKI VISION, Mililani Uka
Guest Speaker today was ROBERT SPEER , President of the Kunia Orchid Society. He shared his interesting background commanding submarines but now is happy in retirement to "play in the dirt". He has spoken to us before as a member of the Urban Garden, topic was ROSES and their care.
Kunia Orchid Society is the largest on Oahu and with money they have made, they would like to partner, collaborate, consult with Rotary to award scholarships to agriculture students from Mililani and Leilehua HS. We will follow up with a meeting to see how our Rotary can assist in this endeavor.
Linda C.
Aloha Rotarians,
We had a really full house this am. Nice to see everybody. Our wonderful guest speaker, Peter Apo, from OHA, gave us a very meaningful and informative talk on" OHA: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"  Why should we care /  He spoke of the Hawaiian people as tolerant,successful, educated and welcoming  in the early days. they then lost their land and their p[politics to the western model and growth was at the expense of the Hawaiian people. They have suffered Tran generational Trauma as a result of 2/3 of the population dying of western disease. 
He spoke of the Hawaiian "Big Five'  in land owners, OHA, Queens and Hi Homelands but there needs to be better communication and a common vision for ALL the people of Hawaii. Hawaiian culture is at an all-time high, so it is a good time to practice true ALOHA and move forward.
NEXT WEEK SPEAKER:  Robert Speer - Kunia Orchid Society.
August 15 - BOD meets with Nalani Flinn - new DG.
August 16 - regular meeting with new DG and Installation of Jane Lawton (welcome back) Also our Global Scholar (who has been approved for $30,000, will visit that day).
August 19 - IHS dinner. Please email Dexter, if you can make it
Mililani Book Sale:  moved to SEpt 9th
First Keiki Vision - Sept. 20th - UKA Elementary School
Car Wash - Sept. 23 - Tickets are forthcoming 
Congratulations to Michelle Kidani, Linda Yoshikami and Iwao Sato, who have completed their donations, in full, to the Foundation and all in the first month.
Freedom is never free. We must never forget those who served our country and the many who gave their lives to ensure our freedom! Come join our Club and other organizations in the only Veteran's Day Parade on this side of the Island!

Peace Bridge

Dedicated to the tradition of more than 60 years of friendship, compassion and sharing with the Holy Family Home orphanage, Osaka, Japan

January 2018
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