The Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast is hosting a fun-filled Monster Bash on Halloween Night to raise funds for the Chatelech Food Program. Click on the link to Read More about this great cause and a spooktacular Halloween family event!

The Chatelech Food Program is an initiative that provides food to students at Chatelech Secondary School in Sechelt, BC. It began in 2018 with a collaboration between the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast and the Halfmoon Bay Chatelech Community School Association (HMBCCSA).

Since its beginning in 2018 the Chatelech Food Program has made a lasting impact on the students. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with, for example, grateful students thanking staff for a snack in a critical moment before a long exam. Teachers often give feedback about how much better a student’s concentration is after eating a lunch provided by this program.

In 2018, the SC Rotary first participated by delivering fruit once a week to the school. It eventually expanded into hot lunches that students could help themselves to if they needed one. It was soon identified that the program was really benefitting the health of students and it has, at times, provided breakfasts and lunches on a more regular basis. It has proven since to be an incredibly important part of supporting students by ensuring that everyone has the nutrition they need to achieve their best throughout every school day. 

“It has probably touched nearly 500 students,” said Lia Lindhagen, the program’s current coordinator. “It’s not just about who’s eating the food. It’s about the student and staff volunteers of course, but it’s also the students’ communications around it. They inform each other, so even the kids who aren’t eating the food are involved in the program in some way.”

The Chatelech Food Program has morphed into whatever was best suited for the students each given year while retaining its mandate to feed hungry kids. “Right now, there are so many restrictions due to COVID-19,” said Lindhagen.  “With limited student movement and rotating lunch periods, only non-perishables and prepackaged lunches are provided.” Everything has to be in compliance with new COVID-19 food protocols at the school. 

Costs for the program have increased because the price non-perishable foods are higher, but this does not phase those who are determined to see this program continue through difficult times. One of the incentives to raise money for the project is an event hosted by the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast. The Halloween Monster Bash is an online party dance event for kids of all ages. The event will be held online for families and proceeds will be donated to the Chatelech Food Program. For more information on what will be a spooktacular night, go to the Monster Bash 2020 website and buy a ticket.