A wonderful event for Dads and Daughters and this year for the entire family!
(Click on the poster for the Dad and Me Dance webpage. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW).
The Dad and Me Dance is an event that is dear to the members Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast. This community event represents a special time that brings Dads and Daughters together in a memory-making magical time not forgotten for years to come. Though unable to gather together to celebrate this year, Rotary members hope that Dads and Daughters and members of the entire family will make the most of this event as we present it online.
We hope that you will support your local foodservice community through Coastal Takeout.ca or purchase dinners from the Sunshine Coast Food Service Response at participating grocery stores along the lower Sunshine Coast. Decorate your space, dress up, dance and have fun.
And please, be sure to join the Dad and Me Dance On A Cloud Facebook group to participate in the raffle and the fun and games. Be sure to upload photos and videos throughout the course of the evening to share with your friends and family. We are planning something special after the event with them...a compilation of the event that we will share with you after.
Please click on the link below to the "Dad and Me Dance On a Cloud!" web page, brought to you courtesy of Coastal Takeout.ca where you can purchase your ticket and follow the instructions to participate fully in the event. The price of a ticket is $15 per Dad for three hours of music and videos online via VideoMax Dance. The whole family can participate, but our Daughters are our princesses and we hope that they have a wonderful, magical time.
CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS AND INSTRUCTIONS.  The VideoMax Dance Party will be found here the night of the Dance:
Click here for the link to the Dad and Me Dance On A Cloud Facebook Group... Relate with friends here the night of the dance.
Click here for the link to the article about the "Dad and Me Dance On A Cloud!" recently published in the Coast Reporter.
And Please, share our event through your social media. We want this to be an event for everyone to celebrate!
The Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast