Fiorenza Leonardo is a former Sunshine Coast Rotary Exchange Student who lives in Naples, This is her account of what it is like under quarantine in one of the world’s coronavirus hotspots:
Today is Day-9 of quarantine here in Naples, and there are people in northern Italy who have been in quarantine for more than 20 days already.
Everything started around February 20 in Milan, exactly when I had gone there to visit my sister and a friend of mine who both study there. In the beginning, we didn't realize how things were about to be in the next weeks for us. Museums, cafes, restaurants, clubs and such started getting shut down in Milan and fewer people started to leave their homes at all. Those who did go out would wear a mask and gloves.
As things got worse and more and more people were starting to get infected, my friend and sister and I left the city and went back home to Naples. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones. Everybody wanted to leave the north because the number of infections was growing like crazy, but those who had caught the virus and had come to the south started the spread here as well. 

There are not a lot of cases in my province, considering that there are more than 20,000 in Lombardia (where Milan is), but we are weaker. Less money is being sent to the south, and to our province as well. We cannot afford to have as many infected people, because our hospitals are full already. If the number of infections keeps growing, our doctors will have to choose who gets the cures and who doesn't, making the decision of who gets to live and who doesn't. That is why our Prime Minister announced the quarantine for the whole country.
In my province, it has become illegal to exit your house if not for a valid reason (work, health issues, walking dogs, grocery shopping). 
When you do leave your apartment, you need to carry with you two copies of a form that must be printed and filled out at home saying the reason you have exited your house. If you do not present this form to the authorities when asked, you will get a fine and a criminal record as well. 

Everybody here is wearing masks and gloves. 

You must get in a queue to enter any kind of shops (only grocery stores and others such as hardware stores are open) and only a few people are allowed in at a time. We also all must stand at least one meter away from each other.

Currently, all schools and universities are being equipped for online classes in order for us to continue with our studies. Many people started working from home, and only go to work once or twice a week.

This virus isn't lethal unless you have heart or lung issues (if you've had pneumonia for instance) or if you have diabetes, but it does spread fast and cannot be cured at home.
The best thing you can do is NOT to panic, and avoid direct contact with anyone because you can never know who they have been around. The only thing to do is to try and slow the spread down as much as possible before it gets as bad as it is here.
We currently have more than 1,000 deaths, and there are at least 300 new cases per day. As you know, it takes two weeks for the virus to kick in and start showing, so we're expecting to have the highest number of infections in the next few days because it will have been two weeks since the quarantine started.

I know Canada will handle this better and I hope things won't get as bad, but please, everybody, be careful.

I love and miss you all!
Sending virtual hugs (a meter from you!)