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Our club was chartered in 2000 and today has about 40 members.  We are a hands-on club that likes to get our hands dirty working to better our world.  We are fortunate to live in an area with excellent corporate citizens.  Without the help of many local businesses we never would have achieved any of the following goals.  We thank them for their caring ways.  This is a partial list of what we have achieved together.

To date we have built dressing rooms in the Sechelt Arena. No small feat for a young club of about 20 members (at that time).   The job required many long hours of physical labour to double the existing dressing rooms.  Altogether the project took about two years.

We have built a stunning park on the waterfront in Sechelt.  The site includes various pieces of playground equipment for youngsters.  It’s a rare cold day when there isn’t at least one family playing in the park. In addition the club built a beach volley ball court next to the park.  The projects took about four years and are valued in excess of $1, 000,000.00.

We have refurbished part of the local hospice including landscaping.

We have provided toys and overhauled a local daycare at the Halfmoon Bay Child Care Centre.

We have made significant landscaping improvements at our local SPCA – most of us are critter lovers as well as people lovers.

Our largest international project to date has been in Ndandini, Kenya.  There we’ve provided water, transportation of the water to surrounding communities, greenhouses, solar power for the school, and scholarships for students.  We work in partnership with Rotarians worldwide to strengthen our investment in this community, and to change the lives of people most of us will never meet.

We work internationally with Rotary International and the Gates Foundation to End Polio.

We work with other Rotary Clubs on the Sunshine Coast to strengthen our communities.

We build on the strengths of our club members – and we have a great time together.